What is NSF file

The NSF file is the IBM Lotus Notes database file. It comes with an extension .NSF. It is stored along with the system files on your Windows based system. It is widely used by both home as well as business users.

The NSF file stores Lotus Notes information such as user data, design information, attachments, appointments, calendar-entries, mata data and so on. Most of the organizations are switching over to Lotus Notes owing to the ease that it provides to work. There are several types of Lotus Notes database and the most common of them is the mailbox database.

what is nsf file

NSF files play a vital role in large organizations where Lotus Notes are deployed as an end user email client. However, at times it is required that the NSF files be converted into PST files. This proves to be a hectic task as there can be millions of emails in a mid-size or large organization.

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Also at times the NSF file may fail to open due to corruption. In such cases of unwanted data loss you can repair the NSF file using the Windows File Checker software that comes with the Windows 7 Operating System. However, in case of extreme damage to the NSF file this method would fail to work.

To overcome a situation in which the System Checker utility fails to fix the issue, you can use an NSF to PST converter. Such a converter converts NSF files to PST file and you can export all your important emails, attachments, contacts, etc.

Reasons for Corruption of NSF File

The NSF file corruption can occur due to several reasons such as –

Failure of hardware components – Like the PST, EDB and OST files, the NSF file too is susceptible to corruption in case of the hard drive getting damaged or corrupt. Development of bad sectors in the hard drive too leads to the NSF corruption.

Fatal Virus Infections – Virus affect the NSF files badly and you may not be able to open the Lotus Notes at all. In other scenarios the notes may open with numerous errors Lotus Notes get corrupted due to the virus that spread through Internet, external media, etc.

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Abrupt System Shutdown – A dirty shutdown of the system can leave you with corrupt Lotus Notes. Hence it is necessary that you follow the prescribed method to shut down the system that you work on.

NSF file header corruption – Human error and power failure cause NSF file header corruption. It damages NSF file and you would not be able to gain access to your important contacts, emails, attachments, etc.

Corruption During Migration – NSF files are corrupted when you migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook and the procedure comes up with some error. 'Microsoft Transporter Suite' facilitates exporting user mailboxes from the Lotus Domino Server to Microsoft Exchange Server efficaciously. However, it comes with the limitation of 4MB and file size exceeding this limit is not exported.

Checksum Mismatch – This sort of issue comes up when any attachment is corrupt and you are not able to read a specific message in the Lotus Notes. It is a clear indication of NSF corruption.

All you can do in the scena rios mentioned above is to restore the Lotus Notes from a backup. However, if you do not have any backup then you can use NSF file recovery tool or NSF to PST converter.

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