What is EDB File

Exchange Server is responsible for sending and receiving the emails in a network. It checks the messages that need to be delivered at the client’s request. Once the server is able to locate the messages it directs them to be delivered to the desired client’s machine. There are several factors and files that account for smooth functioning of the Outlook. One of them is the EDB file.

what is edb file

A form of database file for the Exchange Servers, the EDB file is used to keep user mailboxes. This database serves the files stored on the Microsoft Exchange Server. It stores the emails of the email clients such as MS Outlook. “.edb” is the file extension for this kind of file and is used as an Exchange Information Store Database.

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EDB acts as a pointer to the Outlook files and allows you to search emails on the server when you use MS Outlook to send or receive emails. Therefore, the EDB files act as a repository of all the received, sent emails and other data.

Sometimes the MS Outlook may come up with one or more error message as a consequence of EDB file corruption and you may not be able to access your emails or even contacts, calendar or other important data. Often corruption occurs due to physical hard disk error messages, JET errors, file size errors, improper shutdown of the machine, failure of the Exchange Server, etc.

The reasons for the corruption of these EDB files can be any but in any case you could end up with valuable data loss. However there are few tools that can help you to overcome such difficult situations.

Reasons for Corruption of EDB File

EDB files store the emails of the email clients such as MS Outlook. Given the importance of these emails, it is always advisable to keep a regular back up of all your important files. There are various factors that damage/corrupt EDB files.

Improper System Shutdown – Most times you do not pay too much importance to the proper way of shutting down your system. However, it is very important that you follow a proper procedure for system shutdown as the edb file can be damaged. Same goes in case you exit the Outlook abruptly.

Exchange Dirty Shutdown - Exchange Dirty Shutdown is another major culprit that can damage EDB file. Technically speaking, it is abnormal termination of the .EDB file. This could be attributed to power failure, software or hardware malfunction, unexpected shutdown, etc.

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Hard drive failure – Failure of the hard drive or a hard drive crash leaves you with corrupt EDB file. You need to perform regular backup of the EDB file in order to keep your work going in extreme cases of data loss.

Virus Attack – Virus can play havoc with all your important data contained in the EDB file. They are malicious software that hinders your working. A severe virus attack leaves you with EDB corruption. Therefore it is necessary that you regularly update the antivirus and perform the scan of your system’s drives.

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