Windows Data Recovery Software

Recover all your Lost, Missing, Formatted and Deleted Data Files, emails, photos, audios, videos, presentations, spreadsheets and many more with the help of Free Windows Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Professional

  • Recover Deleted Files, Multimedia Files, Digital Images and Records
  • Recover Lost Volume Data with Efficient Search Option
  • Recover Data from any Storage Media that Support NTFS Partition
  • Recover data from Dead or Crashed Hard Drive Efficiently
  • Recover Any Kind of Logical Data Which is Not Overwritten
  • Raw Recovery is Possible with This Application
  • Support Recovery of FAT/NTFS/NTFS5 Partition
  • Recover Upto 1 GB deleted or lost data absolutely FREE
  • Supported Windows Version 10, 8.1, 8, Win7, Win Vista & XP

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*Free download to recover upto 1GB data absolutely free.

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Advanced Features of Hard Drive Recovery Software

recover formatted partition

Recuperate Formatted and Damaged Partition

Successful data recovery from formatted/reformatted Windows hard drive, memory card & USB drive etc. with full of proficiency. Tool to support entire recovery of formatted and corruptions scenarios and easily recover files from formatted and damaged partitions of FAT & NTFS.

recover lost and deleted partition

Get Back Data from Lost and Deleted Partition

Successfully get back data from lost or deleted partition while you may delete partition co-incidentally or virus attacks may get destroyed your partition table and lost your data. At the time recovery of inaccessible, deleted and lost partition can be recoverable with this application.

photos, music and multimedia recovery

Regain Photos, Music & Multimedia Files

Recovery of Multimedia files, pictures, videos and music files from Windows hard drive, digital media card, Flash/USB drive is possible because tool to support wide range of audio, video and snaps formats and sustain recovery of approx 2 TB data.

recover flash memory cards

Recover Flash Memory Cards

Data recovery from memory card, damaged thumb drive, mobile storage like flash drive can be achievable even if camera shows error message like "all images are missing". Using this windows data recovery program there is high possibility that data can be recoverable after you get an error.

restore lost data

Restore Lost Data from Corrupted Hard Drive

Recovery of data from corrupt or broken hard drive or your hard drive is no longer functional and accessible by your computer. At that time recover your data on your useless hard drive with this recommended Windows data recovery tool recover data within itself effectively.

recover cd/dvd disk

Recover CD/DVD Disk

Recover data from CD/DVD which is not recognized by Windows operating system or not working properly or shows error message because configuration information is incomplete and window cannot start this device. Data recovery for Windows fixes these errors and troubleshoots this inaccuracy.

recovery of permanently deleted data

Bring Back Deleted Data from Windows Recycle Bin

Recovery of permanently deleted data using shift+del keys can be feasible via Windows file recovery application. It allows users to find and recover files even if deleted from recycle bin. Software restores all deleted files if they are not overwritten. This tool is extremely helpful and recovers deleted files from emptied recycle bin.

advanced scanning

Advance Scanning For Tangle Data File Recovery

Windows recovery tool is specially designed for recovery of lost and deleted files. It uses scanning technology larger than 2 TB data while performing searching process and recover data from formatted/reformatted, inaccessible and corrupted hard disk, flash drive and any storage media.

deleted and inaccessible partition

Restore Deleted and Inaccessible Partition

Tool to work strikingly to accomplish the process of recovering missing and vanished data from FAT/NTFS partition. It can restore deleted and inaccessible partition which is not predictable or recognized by computer. Software simply restores data when corruption occurs in MBR and partition can be deleted or inaccessible due to formation time.

differentiate files in three types

Differentiate files in three ways before Recovery

Tool to offer fast and efficient way to differentiate files in three types before accomplish Windows recovery. When you perform scanning you can view data files in three structured list like file list, classic list and masked list. So user can select best one which one they wants to recover.

internal and external data recovery

Re-establish data from Any Internal and External Data Source

Windows data recovery allows re-establishing data from any internal and external hard drive or storage media which is lost due to virus attacks, accidental deletion of file format, sudden system shut down due to power fluctuation, damaged partition structure, sudden application failure or some other reasons.

Windows Data Recovery Specifications

Windows Data Recovery box

Size: 15.9 MB Version: 7.0

Trial Limitations

Trial version to scan & preview your lost files and folders.

Download Windows Data Recovery

System Requirements

Processor Pentium Class
Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Memory 1 GB Minimun
Hard Disk 50 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to recover data from formatted volume?
Yes, it is absolutely possible to recover data from formatted volume. Windows Data Recovery Software makes easier to recover all your precious documents from formatted volume. To recover data from volume or partition, follow these steps:
  • Start Windows Data Recovery Software
  • On the "Data Recovery" tab, click "Drive Recovery"
  • On the "Select Volume to Recover Data" section you can choose your formatted volume.
  • After fixing your drive or volume you can select Scan Type such as "Normal" or "Advanced"
  • Click "Scan Now" to start the scanning process.
  • Preview of recovered items in the left pane
  • Choose the files which you need to recover.
  • If you want to recover specific files then choose "File Type List"
  • Now click on "Recover" option for data recovery.
  • Select the destination path to save the recovered files and folders.
What is the difference between "Normal Scan" and "Advance Scan"?
In "Normal Scan" tool to perform fast Scanning of certain volume. You can use this scan for all kinds of data loss scenarios like existing files and lost or deleted files from drive. On the other hand "Advanced Scan" deeply scan your complete Windows hard drive to execute data recovery from formatted drive or volume. If normal scan do not recover your complete data then try advanced scan for comprehensive data recovery.
Can I recover data from exFAT partition?
Yes, you can recover files and folders from exFAT partition without any efforts. Windows Data Recovery Software support NTFS, FAT and exFAT partitions.
How can I recover a specific file from Windows hard drive with Windows File Recovery Software?
Through performing signature based search you can choose exact file for recovery. If the file you are searching is not presented in the file list add the file by giving the software name, header information, size, and file extension.
  • In main screen of the software hit on "Settings" on the tool bar.
  • Choose the tab named "Add File Types".
  • Display the screen "File List"
  • Select preferred file types which you want to recover.
  • You can insert additional file type for recovery.
Can I restore data from lost and deleted Volume?
Yes, you can restore data from lost and deleted volume via "Click Here to Search Lost Volumes" option in main screen.
  • Select hard drive to Search Lost Volume.
  • Now select scan type for recovery of lost and deleted volume.
  • After choosing the scan type such as "Quick Scan" and "Deep Scan"
  • Hit on "Search Lost Volume" option. Now the scanning process will be started for recovery of lost and deleted volumes. This option scans the entire disk to examine for all the lost and erased volumes. Every one of the volumes found by the product gets recorded in the interface. You can choose the erased volume and apply the guidelines provided by the software.
How many types of files supported by Windows Data Recovery Software?
Windows Data Recovery Software is a proficient application that support 185 file types and recover approx 300 other file types.
How can I recover lost and erased files within particular time range ?
Yes, you can recover deleted files within specific time range with the help of Windows Data Recovery Software
  • Run Windows Data Recovery Software
  • From Start Menu, Select drive recovery option
  • Go with the option "Select Volume to Recover Data" to pick preferred volume.
  • Choose the scanning option on the right flying pane.
  • After finishing the scanning process, go to the left pane for choosing "Filtered Tree" Option.
  • Choose the "+" mark to the left of the textbox called "Advance Filter Option"
  • When you click on + sign a dialog box is open. In this dialog box, specify the file types for specific file recovery in the "Files of Type" textbox.
  • Pick "Deleted File" checkbox to recover only the erased files from the windows hard drive.
  • You can provide particular size range of erased files applying the "Size from KB" option.
  • Now select "Date" checkbox and provide the specific time range for deleted file recovery.
  • The hierarchy exhibited after applying these options will contain only erased files within the particular time range.
  • Now choose the "Recover" option at the surface of the software screen to recover deleted files within specific time range to your hard drive.

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