Mac Data Recovery

Ultimate Solution to Recover All Missing Files and Folders on Mac OS

Resurrect lost files on any NTFS, FAT, HFS+ and ExFAT formatted volumes with sophisticated Mac data recovery program. Execute safe recovery of vanished business documents, records, images, video, audio, songs or recordings that have been unintentionally or deliberately erased from ExFAT, NTFS, FAT and HFS+ supported file systems.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

  • Get back lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible data from Mac OS and Mac OS X system.
  • Revive lost and omitted records from MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Air, Mac Mini & iMac
  • Capable of Raw Recovery on inaccessible logical drives.
  • Makes possible Mac files recovery from Encrypted File Systems
  • Accomplish Mac recovery on Mac OS X after logical disk errors
  • Carry out data recovery for Unmounted Mac OS X logical drives.
  • Time Machine backup hard drive data recovery can be possible
  • Well-suited with Mac OS: macOS Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

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Key Features

Accomplish Macintosh Data Recovery for multiple reasons such as restoring lost documents, recovering lost Mac volumes; recover other types of files, restoring Time Machine backup drives etc. Here are some significant capabilities that provide you a complete Mac data recovery solution.

mac data recovery

Data Recovery for Mac

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is proficient programming that gives a wide range of supportive elements to give you a chance to recover your information again from the unapproachable volume. Be it files, reports, photographs, songs or video recordings, this product accomplish recuperation on various sort of information after calamities like drive formatting, inadvertent removal, virus infection or malware assault and other problems. It makes utilization of cutting edge methods to check your whole hard drive for recoverable documents and gives you a chance to recoup them easily.

recover icon

Reclaim Utterly Removed Files

Macintosh file recovery program is supported by proficient algorithms that can effectively achieve reclamation of everlastingly erased information. On a Mac, erased information is saved inside the "Trash" until it is irretrievably cleaned from the PC. On the other hand a Command + Shift + Option + Delete operation completely erases information from system. Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software un-erases document in just few minutes. Also, it re-establishes all erased things with their actual file names so you can identify them effortlessly.

recovery lost partion

Re-establish Erased Logical Drive

Can't recognise existing volume on your Mac PC? Utilize Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery to re-establish them in a matter of seconds. This effective software finds and restores erased volumes on any NTFS, FAT or ExFAT, HFS & HFS+ formatted drive. The product can rapidly rescue erased logical drives on your Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac Pro, iMac etc. Also, in the event that at least one volume on your Mac fail to mount, Mac information recovery program can come to your guide and recoup all your unreachable information in place.

recover mulitple

Restore Lost or Deleted Media Files

Warnings and calamities such as formation of drive, unintended removal, virus infection/malware assault, and so forth continually represent a risk to your valuable information. But with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery program you become fearless because proficient scanning or filtering systems make it feasible for this product to examine the whole hard disk for recoverable photographs, song, movies and recordings and recoup them easily.

recover mac icon

Removable Drive Data Recovery on Mac

Macintosh file restoration was never so flexible! Stellar Mac Disk Data Recovery program works straightforwardly to the hidden hard drive structure and makes it conceivable to recover lost information from any NTFS, FAT or EXFAT, HFS and HFS+ formatted hard drive. Simply associate a removable drive and continue with Mac disk data restoration. Recover deleted files from removable disk like external hard drive, USB flash drives, SD Memory cards etc.

fast improved

Mac Data Recovery Modes

This device permits you to select a mode from the complex filtering or scanning modes accessible. For example, in the event that you've lost your information after an unplanned Trash purge operation, a "Quick Scan" can take out erased records rapidly. However, in the event that your documents have been erased subsequently of volume formatting or corruption, an "Advanced Scan" can be led to search further to lost records. Advanced Scan may take somewhat more time than a snappy scan, but it ensures better outcomes.

raw recovery

RAW Recovery for Mac

If your Macintosh logical drive have been seriously harmed or corrupted, or you've not acquired appropriate outcomes through Data Recovery and Deleted Recovery alternatives, you can start RAW Recovery. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Mac's RAW restoration deals with the rule of file signature matching. The item can effectively recognize more than 122 diverse file types and match them precisely to recover inaccessible records.

recover ntfs

Data Recovery from NTFS Partitions on Mac

Numerous Macintosh customers have one of their Mac logical drives reserved for a Windows BootCamp partition. It gives them with the adaptability to work with various environments on a one PC. In case the BootCamp sector on your Mac has been harmed or ruined, you can effortlessly resuscitate it with this software. It carries convenient file recovery from NTFS volume on Mac. Besides, the best part about it is that this element works with multiple settings whether that your Mac is not setup as a standard BootCamp double divided disk.

optical icon

Data Recovery from Optical Media

Perpetual utilization occur major damage on CDs and DVDs as scratches. Each scratch causes a piece of the information saved on CDs/DVDs to end up noticeably out of your reach. Stellar Mac data recovery software is a help for harmed optical media. It can capably scan and recoup all information saved on harmed or shockingly burnt optical media without modification on original data. Furthermore, it works with all basic file systems of optical media, for example, ISO 9660, Joliet, UDF, HFS, and RockRidge.

time machine backup drive

Data Recovery from Time Machine Backup Drive

In spite of the fact that a Time Machine Backup is like a house your basic information so that you can allude to it in crises, the drive on which you save the backup can get basically harmed. Assuming unluckily, you've confronted such a circumstance, doesn't squander your valuable time in searching for futile solutions. Simply download Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery programming, associate your backup drive to your Macintosh Operating System, and configure the application. The product does a Time Machine drive as an ordinary hard drive and displays a similar easy-to-use features to rescue all your important information. Along with Time Machine information recovery, the product now well suited with Apple Time Capsule on inadequate package disk pictures.

encription icon

Restore Lost Mac Data from Encrypted Disk

If you have a passcode secured hard drive that has been harmed/ruined/document removed, don't think you've lost the information on it until the end of time. Reinstate information from Encrypted hard drive is uncomplicated for this splendid software. Simply attach the drive to your Mac system and run the product. It will then request that you enter the secret key to open the drive. When you enter the secret key and open it, you can continue to recoup erased, formatted and inaccessible documents. Be that as it may, you ought to exercise alert to recall your drive passcode. in case that you unsuccessful to open the drive, you won't have the capability to check and regain documents from it.

image hard

Make Replica of Entire Mac Hard Drive

In spite of this giving flawless Mac data recovery, this item offers you the opportunity to make a complete picture of your Mac hard drive and store it for upcoming use. The disk picture file (.DMG) can be saved on your hard drive or some other outside drive and can be later utilized for Mac information recuperation utilizing this product. In the event that you spot awful segments on your Mac hard drive, utilize this component to make and keep a mountable picture of your Mac hard drive, volume, or chose area so that even in case of media failure, you have a full backup. Advance version of Mac data recovery tool offers help for Unicode Drive Name/Image.

startup icon

Bootable Media for Mac

Your Mac operating system turns into unbootable if its boot volume gets spoiled. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery comes with bootable system startup DVD that you can apply in such circumstances. Bootable Media for Mac easily resolves Mac system bootable problems when starting the data recovery process. Boot the Mac utilizing the startup disc and after that run file recovery Mac program to reinstate entire information.

resume recoery icon

Resume Recovery can be Possible

Didn't we specify that this product was automatic? in case that you have to stop the recuperation procedure to concentrate on different work, an advantageous 'Resume Recovery' option permits you to save a picture of the procedure finished so far as a Disk Image record (.DMG) on the hard drive. This document can be recorded into the product at any later time to continue the restoration procedure from the phase where it was left off.

user friendly

Enhanced GUI and Superfluous Options

Capable enough with a brilliant yet-basic UI, Macintosh File Recovery is one of the most handy to utilize database recovery Mac software accessible in the marketplace. Elaborated guidelines at each progression make it simple for even naive to utilize this proficient Mac data recovery software. Moreover, options like S.M.A.R.T and "Least RAM use" let you know the status of your hard disk and optimize the recuperation procedure so that it best suits your Operating System (Mac).

serach home

Preview of all Recoverable Data

This modern Macintosh file recuperation software gives an open preview of every single recoverable document that can be saved to different hard drive. Utilizing preview highlight of this product free of cost, Mac clients can find out that the product will recover their erased or lost records effectively. The product additionally offers to preview the degenerate records in the protected mode to avoid Mac from solidifying.

Mac Data Recovery Specifications

Mac Data Recovery box

Size: 15.9 MB Version: 8.0

Trial Limitations

Trial version to scan & preview your lost files and folders.

Download Mac Data Recovery

System Requirements

Processor Pentium Class
Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Memory 1 GB Minimun
Hard Disk 50 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

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