BitRaser for File

Completely Wipe-Out Crucial Data from any Windows Based Hard Disk Securely

BitRaser for File is safe and secure Data Removal Software for deleting files/folders from varied storage media without leaving any possibility for retrieval. It can proficiently get rid of sensitive information, internet activity, system traces; application traces from Windows based OS. With this application, all the vital data saved on computer disk can be eradicated forever.

bitraser wipe

  • Securely erase files & folders from computer (PCs), Laptops, External Storage Media and Servers.
  • Perfectly wipe out data from 32 Hard Disks at the same time.
  • BitRaser tool well-suited with all hard drives USB, PATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, IDE, SSD
  • Software produce tamper-proof certificate after final of process of deletion.
  • Software support 24 diverse international erasure standards and algorithms
  • Manage data removal tasks at a pre planned date and time.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2003, x86 or x64

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Key Features

BitRaser globally acknowledged certified data erasure solution that offers 17 different advanced and standard algorithms. Tool equipped with high techniques that facilitate permanent removal of sensitive data beyond the probability of recovery. This application facilitates you to protect your sensitive and confidential information from being hacked.

Cleans Data from Email Tools

Removes Information from Email Applications

When you are utilizing Email applications on the desktop, a bunch of vital and private data is saved on your PC. Getting to desktop and web email applications leaves a set of essential significant data behind. Through standard information delete algorithms, every one of these hints of information kept in saved login and password, mail scan, offline messages and so on can be forever deleted utilizing the BitRaser data erasure program. It is compatible with few email applications, for example, IncrediMail, Eudora and Mozilla Thunderbird to give some examples.

Erase Internet Activities

Deletes Path of Internet Activities

This data eraser program comes incorporated with solid algorithms that can eradicate information for all time without any chance of salvage. With this product, you can too delete the indications of your web activities that are saved on the hard drive. Therefore securing your private data, for example, financial information, account balance, online accounts, bank accounts, online records certifications, essential passwords and access codes from falling in wrong hands./p>

Erases Peer to Peer Tools

Erases Peer to Peer Tools

Reaching or examine Peer to Peer applications leaving behind a stack of information. This application can powerfully expel all such data from the computer everlastingly beyond the possibility of revival. Different well-suited Peer to Peer applications are Imesh, uTorrent, BitSpirit, SoulSeak, MP3Rocket, FrontWire, BitComet, Ares, BearShare etc.

Deletes Data Permanently

Erases Data Permanently

The data eraser application permits you to delete information, for example, records, documents files/folders and chose volumes from the Windows based hard drives. You have to download, configure and open the product, and pursue the method to effectively delete the records, application and system follows, volumes and your internet activity or browsing details.

Erase Traces from MS Apps

Erases Traces from MS Apps

This data eraser program helps in eradicating the hints or traces of information from Microsoft applications, for example, Paint and Access Snapshot Viewer, Windows Media Player, Windows Explorer, Clip Organizer, WordPad, Management Console to give some examples.

Various Deletion Algorithms

Various Deletion Algorithms

Software is well-suited with 17 International data removal standards algorithms, which can be chosen by you according to your prerequisite. Each of these is equipped for eradicating information beyond the probability of revival.

Removes App Traces

Deletes App Traces

While eradicating the information from hard drive, BitRaser for File merges a variety of applications and makes a set to make the delete operation simpler. These application gatherings can then be chosen to evacuate every one of the clues of incidental records. The standard algorithms safely eradicate records which help in advancing performance of operating system.

Delete Chat Messages

Delete Text Messages

Chitchat Messengers are utilized worldwide for individual and professional interactions. These applications store the information in the chat history, which can be recovered later. Subsequently, to deflect the danger of private data falling in wrong hands, BitRaser is fit for deleting information from all famous chat messengers, for example, Yahoo and Skype, to give some examples.

Windows Compatible

Compatibility and Supports

This product has the ability to deleting information from Windows based machines or operating system and information stockpiling drives, for example, computer, tablets, USB drives, laptops, external storage gadgets, RAID drives and Servers. It is powerful enough to handle drives with extensive information storage capacity and can delete record from Server architectures.

Modified Protection

Personalized Security

This product accompanies the password protection quality. The password assurance will keep different clients from getting to the BitRaser for File. You can achieve developed security by setting and giving an alphanumeric password. The doled out secret key can be changed or adjusted whenever later.

Search Module Available

Locate Obtainable Component

The BitRaser for data eraser program is controlled by cutting edge features, which permits you to find records you need to eradicate, by their individual names. This makes the document eradicate operation effective as the client can straight away locate the expected record or folder just by giving the keywords in search box. You can then delete information utilizing any of the given 17 eradication algorithms.

Generate Task Certificate

Produce Tamper-Proof Certificate

This product has the alternative to produce certificate when the record is deleted after scanning and searching. The product creates a tamper-proof certificate after performance of the deletion procedure, which you can keep in PDF format for future references.

BitRaser for File Specifications

BitRaser for File box

Size: 15.1 MB Version:

Trial Limitations

*Free Download is only for software evaluation purpose

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System Requirements

Processor Pentium Class
Operating System Windows 10 / 8 .1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Memory Minimum 256 MB
Hard Disk 40 MB of free space

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