How To – Update Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu, like most all Linux distributions, has two ways available to you to run your updates – the GUI and the terminal.

Update Ubuntu Linux

Updating with the GUI

Updating with the GUI

1. Click the icon in the upper left corner of your screen next to your username and go to software update.

2. Ubuntu will list the available updates. Click the Check button to have Ubuntu do another check for updates to make sure it has found all the available updates.

3. Click Install Updates and enter your password when prompted and the update process will begin.

Updating with the Terminal

1. Open the terminal

3. First, you need to resynchronize the package index files from their sources on the internet.

sudo apt-get update

3. Next, you must install the latest versions of the software. For all software use:

sudo apt-get upgrade

Note: To upgrade individual packages use:

sudo apt-get install package-name

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