How To – Take Screenshots in Windows 7

Windows 7 offers a variety of ways to take your screen grabs. Most everyone these days remembers the only way to take screenshots in Windows was to use the Print Screen button and then paste it into Paint or something similar to save the shot. While you can still do this in Windows 7 you can also you The Snipping Tool.

Take Screenshots in Windows 7

The Snipping tool is a handy little tool that greatly increases your options for screenshots in Windows. By clicking the down arrow next to New you have several different options for screenshots including Full-Screen, Window, Rectangular and Free-form snips.

Full-Screen Snip: You might have guessed this one. This snip takes a screenshot of of your entire screen.

Window Snip – A window snip takes a screenshot of a particular window of your choosing. When you select this snip option simply click on the window you would like a screenshot of and it saves that window and only that window.

Rectangular Snip – This snip allows you to select any area on the screen by dragging a rectangular box around it. Once you click on the screen and drag out your box when you release the mouse button it will take a screenshot of that area only.

Free-form Snip – I must admit I haven’t found much use for this one but who knows you might. This snip allows you to click and drag the mouse in any direction making any shape you want and it will grab a shot of just that area.

Once you have taken your snip it opens in a window allowing you to highlight areas, circle points of interest on it, write on it and then, of course, save it to the location of your choosing. See, there are way more options now than there used to be so happy screen grabbing!

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