How To – Take Screenshots in Ubuntu

Ubuntu, like all the Linux distributions offers many ways for you to be able to get to the perfect shot of your computer screen. This can be handy when you are having trouble and need help fixing the problem or if you are showing someone how to do something in Ubuntu. Today we will cover a few of the options available to you.

Take Screenshots in Ubuntu

Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Print Screen – Take a screenshot of the entire screen

2. Alt + Print Screen – Take a screenshot of the active window

Screenshot Tool

  • Go to the dash and click on Screenshot Tool
  • In the window that appears choose your options and effects for the screenshot
  • Click Take Screenshot
  • A window will appear asking you to save your new screenshot. Choose where to save it and what to name it then click Save.


Shutter is a powerful tool offering multiple screenshot options, effects styles, take shots of websites, and resize and edit them all with this one tool. Need a screenshot of just a menu only? That won’t be a problem with Shutter. Want to sent it straight to your Ubuntu One storage? It can do that as well. It even offers both a GUI interface as well as a wide range of terminal commands to take screenshots.

Install Shutter:

sudo-apt get install shutter

Once the install is complete if you load Shutter will notice immediately the huge amount of screenshot options you have. You can take shots of the screen, specific windows, menus, specific selections. You name it you pretty much can take a shot of it. Once you have your shot it also gives you the ability to edit it so you can things like labels, highlight areas etc. It’s not Gimp by any means but for your basic edit functions it does the job well.

The Terminal

If you prefer to use the terminal to take care of everything Shutter offers options for that too. You can access all their options form inside the terminal using their options commands. For a complete list see the man page.

To have shutter take a screenshot from the terminal use:

shutter [options][file]

For more information on Shutter visit them here.

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