How To Change Windows 8 Network Settings

As you know, there were a lot of changes to Windows with the release of Windows 8 and many of the settings and how you navigate to them have been switched around. One group of settings I had to hunt for when I first switched to Windows 8 were the Windows 8 Network Settings. To access and change your network settings follow the steps below:

Change Windows 8 Network Settings

From your Windows 8 Start Screen, press the Windows Key + X.

Select Control Panel from the list.

Once you select Control Panel Windows will switch from the Start screen to the Desktop and open the Control Panel. This panel should look very familiar to all users of Windows 7 as it’s almost identical.

Under Network and Internet, click on View network status and tasks.

Here your network status will be displayed and some basic information about the network to which you are connected will be displayed. On the left side, you will notice a list of a few choices.

Click on Change adapter settings.

Once you click this you will be taken to a new window that displays your various network connections including wired networks, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth.

Right-click on the network adapter you are using and click on Properties.

The properties for your adapter will then be launched in a new window. From this window you can change all your network settings for this particular adapter. For instance, if you want to change the IP address, scroll down and find Internet Protocol Version 4 in the list and select Properties.

Many things have changed in Windows 8 and there is no doubt that it will take us all a bit of time to really get used to the new interface and Windows 8′s new way of doing things. But, remember, many things in Windows 8 work just as they did before in Windows 7 and even in Windows XP. The only real thing that has changed is how you access them. Once you realize that, it’s just a matter of learning where everything is and the rest will be easy and just as familiar to you as if it were in Windows 7.

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