Major Causes Responsible for Offline Storage Table (OST) Corruption

There are numerous reasons that will make your offline Storage Table (.ost) document corrupted or damaged. We categorize them into two classes, i.e., Hardware reasons and Software reasons.

Equipment or Hardware Reasons:

At any time when your equipment or hardware unsuccessful in achieving required goal like collecting data or moving information of your Exchange OST documents, the OST records will probably get damaged or corrupted. There are essentially three types:

  • Deficiency in Storage Device: For instance, if your computer hard disk has some terrible segments and your Exchange OST document is stored on these sectors. At that point perhaps you can just read part of the OST record. Alternately the information you read are faulty and brimming with mistakes.
  • Issue with the Networking Connection: When you synchronize the OST record with the server through a system associated with internet, if the system interface cards, switches, cables, hubs and whatever other gadgets constituting the internet connection have issues, then the synchronization procedure will be prematurely ended and the OST document is prone to get corrupted or damage.
  • Unexpected Power Cut: In the event that a power cut happens when you are getting to or synchronizing the OST records that may leave your OST documents harmed.

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There are numerous strategies to avoid or minimize the OST document corruption because of hardware issues, for instance, UPS can reduce the sudden power cut issues, Redundancy Network (alternate instances of network devices) can decrease the network failure and unavailability, and utilizing dependable hardware gadgets can likewise decrease the odds of information corruption.

Software or Programming Reasons:

Additionally numerous Exchange OST record corruptions happen because of software programming related issues.

  • Inaccurate Recovery of File System: You may discover it is implausible that file system retrieval may bring about OST file corruption. In any case, actually, at times when your file system is broken, and you attempt to enlist an file recovery software or technical expert to regain the OST documents on it, the documents recovered may in any case be corrupt, for the reason that:
    • Due to the file system calamity, a few sections of the OST file are lost for permanently, or overwritten by junk information, which makes the last recovered OST document inadequate or contain false information.
    • The data recovery software or file recovery professional doesn't have enough ability that it/he may gather some waste information and save them as a document with .OST extension. As these alleged .OST documents don't contain any legitimate information of the Exchange OST files, they are absolutely worthless.
    • The data recovery device or master has gathered the accurate information obstructs for the OST document, however has not joined them in a proper manner, which additionally makes the last rescued OST record unusable.

  • Malicious Software: Numerous infections will taint and harm the Exchange OST records or make them unreachable or hard to find. It is much prescribed to configure proficient anti-virus for your Outlook and Exchange email system.
  • Unexpected Termination of Outlook: In ordinary circumstance, you ought to stop Outlook carefully by saving your modifications or changes to the OST record and after that clicking "Exit" or "Close" menu item. Nonetheless, if Outlook is closed down unusually when you are opening and synchronizing the OST file, then the OST document is inclined to be corrupted or harmed. This can happen if power fluctuation or failure happens, or if Outlook is busying in accomplishing something and you close it by hit "End Task" in Windows Task Manager, or in the event that you shutdown the PC without stopping Outlook and Windows ordinarily.
  • Synchronization Problem: The synchronization between the offline storage table and the Microsoft Exchange server may likewise prompt numerous mistakes, including substantial quantities of conflict items, can't open specific Outlook items etc.

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  • Drawbacks in Microsoft Outlook: Each program has inadequacies, so does Outlook. A few insufficiencies originate from the short sights of the designers. They can typically be normal yet can't be resolved just by fixes or repairs. MS Outlook has predefined the size of its PST and OST files. This predefined size of these records causes inadequacies in Outlook. For instance Outlook 97-2002 have constrained the restricted size of PST/OST record to 2GB, subsequently in the event that you are utilizing these edition of Outlook and your PST document has exceed the size of 2GB, then OST document will get corrupt without a doubt.

Indications of Corrupt OST Files:

For your reference, we have gathered a list of normal corruption and issues in Exchange OST record, which incorporates the indications and complete clarification when an OST document gets corrupted.

Repair Corrupt OST Files:

You can utilize our excellent application OST to PST Converter Application to regain and repair your corrupt data of OST files.

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