How To Fix Error 2048 QuickTime MOV File?

QuickTime is well-known media player and screen recording application developed by Apple Inc. This media player help users to play wide variety of video file formats, audios, live images, photographs etc. with high resolution and high picture quality. It is widely utilized nowadays in advanced multimedia gadgets. MOV documents are also indicated as QuickTime MOV records and are simple to play. One of the benefits' of MOV file is that the video records are editable and you don't have to change the entire codec's of video recordings documents.

On the other hand when you endeavour to play a MOV video record with the newest QuickTime media player you may experience an error message. The error message displays the statement as shown below:

"Error -2048: Couldn't open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands." This message is generally shown when the MOV document is broken or damaged. It may also occur because of some blunders in QuickTime program documents.

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Once in a while when you endeavour to play a MOV video document via Apple QuickTime player, you encounter an error message. The message is "Error 2048: can't open the file since it's not a document that QuickTime understand". This may also occur when you endeavour to work with another player like VLC Media or KM Player and need to play the MOV record.

This commonly happens when your MOV record gets ruined for some reasons. There truly are bunches of causes behind it however here are the most essential ones that outcome in the breakdown or fault.

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Main Causes Behind the Error 2048

Header Corruption in MOV File: The header of a MOV document holds noteworthy data such as date, formation of the MOV file, last amendment of the size of MOV file etc. At the point when the header is degenerate, you could get the blunder 2048 message. The header of the MOV document may get infected due to sudden system shut down in playing mode and download MOV file from internet in inaccurate manner where the MOV record is initially kept or saved.

Firmware Corruption: When you record a motion picture with a camcorder that has issue with its firmware, the yield document will be corrupt or damaged. Refresh the firmware of your camcorder to get the best outcomes.

Bugs Attacks on System: Trojan assault is among the major causes that make transform the MOV documents. This broken the MOV document and as a result it won't play properly. Utilizing authentic Anti-Virus program on your PC will prevent infections from influencing it.

Inaccurate Compaction of MOV Documents: If you employ inaccurate compression method to decrease the size of MOV document or compress a file improperly, it will change the properties of file therefore MOV files may get corrupted during the compaction process. Utilizing programming that is low quality is predominantly the reason for wrong compaction of records.

Inaccurate Deletion of Storage Media: Wrong evacuation of storage media can make the records in the gadget corrupt. That is the causes behind why you are suggested to evacuate stockpiling gadget securely to abstain from damage or weaken your MOV records.

Step by Step Instructions to Resolve this Error

Now Repair MOV File after QuickTime Error 2048 Couldn't Open File

There is diverse direction or manner to fix QuickTime Error 2048. The vast majority of these include distinctive program out there that can resolve QuickTime Error 2048 by resolving issues of the MOV record. Just some of them settle the blunder while most of them can't do it successfully. To resolve this corruption utilizing program, you require a genuine and reliable utility. In this editorial, I will explain you dual techniques to resolve the QuickTime Error 2048. The primary technique is by refreshing the playback segment of QuickTime and the second strategy is by just transforming the video to a QuickTime supported configuration.

Renew your QuickTime Media Player

To update your media player, you have to download the newest QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback machine.

After downloading the QuickTime Media Player, go to your System and unlock the local drive.

  • Now Open the System folder.
  • Unlock the folder of Library.
  • Double Click on QuickTime folder to unlock it.
  • Paste the downloaded Playback component file in the QuickTime folder.

Transform the Video to a QuickTime Consistent Format

The best way to fix QuickTime Error 2048 is to repair MOV file with any good MOV file Repair software. Stellar Video Repair Tool is an excellent utility to repair all corruption or damage issue in MOV file and also fix MOV file QuickTime Error 2048.

One more technique of fixing the QuickTime Error 2048 is by transform the video to a QuickTime supported format. Since the MOV records can be upsetting occasionally, changing the MOV format to a reasonable inconvenience free document will enable you to play the video effectively without getting any sort of error message.

Various Video File Formats Compatible with QuickTime Player

MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v), QuickTime Movie (.mov), 3GPP2, MPEG-2 (OS X Lion or later), MPEG-1, avchd (OS X Mountain Lion or later), 3GPP, DV, AVI (Motion JPEG only), MPEG-4 is the most, familiar formats for video and therefore transform to either MP4 or M4V will resolve the trouble for you.

To transform the MOV format to a well-suited QuickTime set-up, I would specially advice you to utilize Video Converter Ultimate, the top application at any point worked to deal with different video transformations.