Visual Planning – The Simplest Way To Schedule And Manage All Your Operations

Managing resources in a company can be very stressful, demanding and time consuming. The unfortunate reality is that most of the time, companies tend to lose time and money by mismanaging their resources. But, on the other hand, finding the right way to deploy and manage those resources effectively is not always easy.

Visual Planning is a scheduling software solution focused on flexibility and collaboration that helps to easily and effectively manage operations and resources. With a simple drag & drop, and whatever what the resources are, Visual Planning helps you facilitate and optimize their allocation. You can schedule employees and tasks on-site or in the field, identify priorities, follow up deadlines, track projects, etc…Visual Planning gathers specific features that enable smoother and powerful resource management.

Tailor-made application

Every organization is different. They have their own processes, workflows and shift systems. A software program must strive for flexibility in order to be a good fit for an organization. But the issue is that, when need for software emerges, companies usually end up with an expensive solution, often too big compared to their initial needs.

Here is the thing about Visual Planning: it only provides the features you really need to drive effectively your projects – no more, no less. With no limited amounts of resources and tasks, your schedules are tailor-made according to your processes and activity; you even get to customize your views by choosing your own layout, colors codes and icons.

Maximum Resource Optimization

Companies do not suffer from a lack of resources but more often from a bad management: for instance double checking, unnecessary overtime make them lose money and time. Visual Planning helps you avoid that by suggesting to get rid of those conflicts through effective scheduling. Through the tracking system, Visual Planning enables you to locate every resource on every project and know how much time those resources spent on a specific task. Therefore, thanks to this information, the scheduler will also be able to predict resource availability for the next project. In addition to that, the real-time feature makes it possible for you to be aware of any kind of changes, rescheduling, and achievements that happen on your project. If an employee has finished a task earlier than scheduled, you will know it in time and be able to make appropriate decisions.

visual planning

Team Collaboration & Mobility

Visual Planning provides a space where teams can discuss, share files and point out specific issues about a project. Instead of getting lost in countless emails, teams can work effectively and therefore be more productive. Plus, you can have data everywhere! Through the mobile feature, Visual Planning enables you to access your data on the field and to share it with your colleagues. You can keep control of your project even if you are constantly on the move.

Analytics And Metrics

During a project or when completing a specific task, not only should you be reactive, but also proactive! With Visual Planning, you can create real-time metrics and reports.

visual planning 2

This way, you will be able to analyze the efficiency of your teams, of your resource allocation and improve your decision making process.

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