Top iOS Apps Every Food Lover Must Have

Food is something we live for and sometimes food is salvation. The satisfaction one derives after a good meal is hard to match. Nothing in life is better than satiating hunger cravings.

If you’re someone who’s just waiting for the day to end so you can hit your favorite food joint and order your regular meal which always brings a huge smile on your face, then pat yourself you’re a foodie.

With such a busy and hectic life style, sometimes food is all the solace one needs. A soft, melting slice of pizza can put a whole day’s work of stress to rest. If you’re someone who enjoys food as much as Marshall Erikson enjoys his hamburgers, then you ought to download a few of these apps to make your life a food heaven:


This is a great app for you to use especially if you’re scouting around for a new place to try. It has one of the strongest and largest database of restaurants and eating joints that you can explore. Your search for restaurants, cafes, pubs and even bars will come to an end thanks to this app. Browse the interiors and ambience through the app with a host of photographs and go through the menu before you circle in your choice. Read reviews from other customers and find a restaurant that best suits your pocket and your taste. You too can review and rate the restaurant and mark places with a bookmark for future reference. It’s a great app for those who like trying out new places.


It’s a great app for those times when you’re too lazy to hit the kitchen and just want to sit back and enjoy a lovely meal. Be it sushi, pizza, burgers pasta or any other cuisine, through the FoodPanda app you can easily browse through endless restaurants listed near you. You have the option to customise meals to suit your taste and it’ll be delivered to you hot and fresh in no time. You’ll even get to discover restaurants you may not have known about and who knows it might just become your new favourite joint? Use this app to have access to yummy food in no time and pay for it through the mobile itself which is completely secure.

Make use of exclusive foodpanda coupons that help you earn additional cash back over and above discounts from and enjoy mouth-watering food anytime, anywhere!


This is an amazing app with over 12,000+ recipes for you to try out yourself. The app also comes with over 1500 video recipes so you can easily follow them while you cook simultaneously. You can browse through various categories and go through the instructions as well as user comments to know how it turns out. It’s a great app if you want to start teaching yourself some culinary skills. You can also try out basic recipes if you’re a complete novice and then move on to more detailed cooking. You can also find out how many calories a dish would have and you can also find great cooking tips as you go along the way which would help add to your knowledge.

Domino’s Pizza

Nothing in life tastes better than a fresh, piping hot pizza with cheese flowing in your mouth as you take the first bite. If you’re a person who needs pizza to live then this is your app. Through the official app of Domino’s you can easily order your favourite pizzas in minutes. You can browse through the menu and build your order and even save your favourite orders for the future as well. Make instant payments through a secure gateway and track how far your pizza has reached.

Make use of exclusive dominos coupon codes that help you earn not just a good discount but also additional cash back over and above discounts.

TarlaDalal Recipes

This is one of the best apps for those who want to make amazing food in a completely easy and no fuss way. TarlaDalal is known for her easy yet scrumptious food which takes absolutely no time to cook. You can watch videos of both Indian and International cuisines and browse for recipes by name as well. You can even fight health related recipes aimed for people who are diabetic or obese to keep health and calories in check. Be sure to check the recipe for the day which will surely make your day. Browse through comments and leave your own thoughts on the recipe for others to read.

Download these awesome apps which will help a lot of food lovers find peace. Be it ordering food, finding restaurants or cooking food at home, apps will help you achieve all your food goals.

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