Alternative Internet Browsers

We usually access the Internet from our web browsers all the time on various operating systems. People are friendly with the common browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome & Internet Explorer, etc. But there are numerous other web browsers as well, which offer great unique & fascinating features for the ease of the user.

Each browser has its own characteristics that cater to the varied demands of users. For whatever purpose they want to use it, i.e., for gaming or socializing, everything is being provided by these browsers. So, let’s check out some more & uncommon browsers, which have lots to offer you:


This browser is well known for the security reasons. Its main focus is on the security of the user. This browser is so secure that it prevents the ads to come in the browser. In this way, it successfully erases the viruses, spyware & malware, etc. & helps in smooth internet functioning. The user can freely choose mouse gestures, word aliases, toolbars, etc.

Along with there are 1400 plugins that help in better surfing. One more important function is that it blocks the offensive & irritating content altogether from appearing on the browser by putting some filters. There are much more features like, feed reader, URL Aliases which makes the surfing faster, features of advanced proxy & anti-freeze.

Many users need to be customized browser & Maxthon is an excellent browser that can be customized as per the requirements. Its exquisite features will personalize the experience of browsing. It is beneficial for the parents as well to use, as it will put filters through which they can reassure that their children are doing right surfing on the web.


This browser has a significant prevalence in Japan and can be easily customized as per the requirements. Not only customization but also it maintains the performance & speed, which is preferable by the users. If at any moment of time, the user wants to alter design & other settings then it can be possible as this browser has plug-ins & skins as well. Sleipnir browser focuses on the proper security of the user & the proper usability of the browser.

For superlative customized browsing, you can easily prefer Sleipnir, as it will provide you an enriched experience of surfing.


If one wants triple engine browser then, the topmost browser to use is Lunascape. This browser runs in Trident, Webkit & Gecko. It assists the add-ons & plug-ins from various other browsers, like, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. It is very light & doesn’t create any hassle while working.

This is perfect to use as it contains all that features what a user wants to have for hassle free browsing.


This is also a free browser. It’s very convenient mediator to share videos, links & photos to any other. It’s very easy to search the pictures, videos, etc. on Torch. By using embedded video grabber, you can in a convenient manner, download the most favorite videos. It’s a great platform for browsing & for sharing the memories with friends & family at anytime, anywhere.


Based on Chromium technology, this browser is completely user-friendly as none will feel any hassle while using it. In an extremely convenient manner, you can use it for surfing or any other purpose. In the least time, it gets the web pages loaded & gives proper spacing to view the web pages.

This browser is completely secure & provides a safe base to do free browsing as it uses the Kaspersky Lab security technology.


Flock is a web browser that credits several awards like Webby award, Open web award and Eddy winner. Flock is based on Chromium and so used the WebKit rendering engine. It is available as a free download and supported Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and, at one time, Linux as well. It integrates MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flicker, Blogger, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. It can track updates from friends. The user can upload photos, videos. A MediaBar shows a preview of online videos. A blog user can direct post to any blog. It’s a good choice for media users who want to use all social media platforms from one place.


SeaMonkey is very simple browser created by Mozilla and is an all in one browser for using the internet. While the SeaMonkey browser is pretty standard, what sets it apart is that it has integrated email; the email feature offers tabbed reading and supports tagging and alternate views for better email finding and reading. HTML used in this makes dynamic images easier. For web developers, JavaScript debugger and a DOM inspector are available for better features.

Why one should consider: For developers and designers, SeaMonkey has a plethora of useful built-in features. It’s also a great substitute for the people who like to run the bare minimum number of apps.


Superbird is an another option and is free and fast. The main emphasis of it is on speed, data security, and stability. Superbird is a light weight web browser with an auto update functions that comes with a variety of plugins. It also improved their privacy as no data is sent to the Google and other third parties.

Why you should consider using it: It has improved privacy options, and low memory usage and some plugins are available for the ease of the user.


Avant web browser has an adaptable platform which suits to the requirements of each user, and it is free with no advertisements and malware. It is one of the most famous multi-processing, and at the same time, it is a light weight web browser. It has a huge feature ranging from the private browsing to the flash animation filter.

You will not find any issue regarding its compatibility with third party plug-ins & IE Engine. The user will get the benefits of Firefox engine & IE engine from this browser, along with its own special benefits.


Based on latest technology Beamrise is next-generation internet browser that combines browsing and chatting. It allows users to connect with social media platforms such as Facebook, Skype, and Google Chat. To make Chat more interest it provides lots of chat smileys and animations. Some things can’t simply be expressed through words. That’s why Beamrise offers video chat! It allows searching latest trends while surfing. Stickers’ allows you to save any website that you find, and quickly ‘stick’ The user can send text messages directly to friends.

Best of all, Beamrise Text is completely free; no charges or fees in addition to those already charged by your carrier. It functions on Windows 10, 7 and 8 operating system only. If you are Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 user then, it’s no doubt best browser for you. It makes chat more attractive and interesting. You can express every mood.

These are the ten browsers, about which you didn’t know for sure. These are secure & safe. After knowing about its features, you can use it very conveniently.

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