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Be Accomplished More Quickly the Conversion of MBOX Files to PST Files Thunderbird is a well know email client application, and is skilled to organize set of mail records.

It can be arranged with different elements as indicated by the necessities and store their mails in MBOX format. This stunning email customer is furnished with an extensive variety of elements, for example, different stages, open source, server address, and so on. In this manner, thousand of clients give privilege of using Thunderbird email application all over the world. Mozilla Thunderbird a simple and free application that manages your company email accounts easily.

In spite of Thunderbird is an awesome open source application, Mozilla Corporation had been suspended the manufacturing of Thunderbird since 2012. Presently the organization just discharging overhauls for support and safety. In this way, the client group necessities to contract a group of engineers to arrange all the extra usefulness of it as needs be. This could be costly for a few clients. Since Outlook is an all the more wide and adaptable email application and gives more strong arrangements. So, numerous customers plan to switch back to MS Outlook. It is more adaptable and does not require any arrangements at the formative end. However, Thunderbird does not have “Export” option which would export messages in a format understand by MS Outlook.

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So you need to utilize apparatuses and pursue procedures to change Thunderbird to Outlook 2007. Here you will get two strategies, one is a manual procedure and the other is Commercial Alternative for your conversion tasks.

Export Thunderbird Email to MS Outlook 2007 Manual Process:

This system holds the data of both unique sender and send date.

Step 1: Start Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 2: Open the messages folder which you need to move from Thunderbird.

Step 3: Pick the mails that you need to export or you can likewise choose every one of the messages, as indicated by your necessity.

Step 4: Right hit on preferred mails and pick ‘Save As‘ alternative from the menu.

Step 5: Select a folder or create a new folder in which to save the EML files & hit ‘Select Folder‘ and export the messages.

Step 6: Now, Open MS Outlook 2007

Step 7: Right-click the “Outlook” in the prime Window, and select “New Folder” from the menu.

Step 8: Name the folder as per your decision from the “Name” choice and snap “OK” to make the folder.

Step 9: Now, pick the recently made folder, this will be vacant and does not contain any messages. That implies the middle pane is unfilled.

Step 10: Select every one of the messages that you have sent out or exported from Thunderbird.

Step 11: To import every one of the mails into the new folder, click and drag the messages to the middle pane of MS Outlook 2007. All the messages will show up and import procedure is finished.

Second Manual Process

Mozilla Thunderbird doesn’t have any option to “Export” messages in some other email client application. . And still, at the end of the day this technique might help you to recover every one of the messages with their unique sender and also date data.

Step 1: Open the Mozilla Thunderbird Email Application

Step 2: Pick the messages that you need to transfer from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook. The quantity of Messages you select is indigent upon its connections and the rate of the Internet association and supplier.

Step 3: After choice of messages collection, right click and pick ‘Forward as Attachments‘ alternative. Another mail message will open with every single connected message that you have chosen. Presently go through your Outlook email address and click to “Send“.

Step 4: For “Send and Receive“ option, go ahead and open MS Outlook.

Step 5: Open the email that you have sent from Thunderbird mail application and move this to dynamic windows entirely down with the goal that you will have the capacity to view your Outlook screen.

Step 6: Right now drag all the attached emails from dynamic windows to your inbox, and use them as you wish.

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