How to Repair Corrupt Outlook OST File

SynopsisThis issue handling editorial is proposed to teach you on the most proficient method to fix error of corrupt offline folder file of Microsoft Outlook. Utilizing the conceivable described methods, you can repair your corrupt or damaged Outlook Data Files (.ost) without much of an exertion.

Microsoft Outlook Data File (.ost) is the Offline Storage Table (.ost) file. The essential key feature of the offline folder file in Microsoft Outlook is that it gives clients a chance to work disconnected mode on Outlook or even running appropriately in condition when the application is not associated with the Microsoft Exchange Server. You can simply carry out activities, for example, analyse or cancellation of existing mail, keeping draft, structure of new emails, and so forth. In addition, you do not have to worry about the alterations being made offline, the reason being, the point at which you reconnect to the network, Offline Outlook Data File (.ost) get spontaneously synchronized with Exchange Server. Fortunately, Exchange Server mischief does not influence the OST File.

Notwithstanding, these documents are as yet inclined to corrupt or damage. At specific circumstances, while Outlook Data File (OST) synchronization is in process, despite everything we get blunder messages. In additional, now and again we additionally detect that few objects from OST Files are either lost or erased. In such situations, the no one but reason could be a damage OST or human mistakes. Here the main issue is the manner by which to repair degenerate OST File.

Quick Fix: Try Company’s Solution Free OST to PST Converter

At certain times, while OST File synchronization is in process, we still receive error messages. Further, at times we also find that some items from OST Files are either missing or deleted. In such scenarios, the only reason could be a corrupt OST or human errors. Here the big question is in what way or manner to Repair Corrupt Outlook Data File (OST).

Earlier the arrival of Outlook 2010, we could repair a corrupt offline folder (OST) File. Notwithstanding, with hands on this advanced edition or its former or previous edition, Microsoft has rejected the inbuilt utility like OST Integrity Checker Utility (Scanost.exe). As a result, OST recovery has turned into a difficult task. Still, there are resolutions to fix error of Severely Corrupt OST File.

Simple Methods to Repair Corrupt OST File Manually

Step by step instructions to Repair Corrupt offline folder (OST) File Created by MS Outlook

Currently, there is no lack of ways utilizing which you can rapidly repair the corrupt OST File. You can fix it utilizing both manual and programming fixes without much of an exertion. Give us a chance to repair the severally damage offline folder file.

Resolution 1: Renew Folder

User can fix errors of corrupt Outlook data file (.ost) by only renewing it. Pursue the guidelines underneath:

  • To go to Properties Right-click on the folder
  • After choosing properties a dialog box will appear. In this box choose option of Clear Offline Items.
  • Hit OK
  • If you working on Outlook 2010 ribbon go to Send/Receive alternative
  • Hit Update Folder

Resolution 2: Utilize ScanPst

You can use the Inbox Repair tool (SCANPST.EXE) to repair errors in the Outlook data files (.pst and .ost). You can run Scanpst.exe to repair the .ost and in addition .pst records. It will check the Outlook data files on your system and fix errors will endeavour to repair them. In case ScanPST can’t repair it, it will make a request to reproduce it, and afterward you can import the information content back to the mailbox.

In case above mentioned techniques don’t works or can’t repair corrupt OST file or fix error of corrupt OST. Does this mean you won’t have the capability to repair your damage OST File or you have lost access to your information content?

Repair Corrupt OST File via Reliable Application:

The product fixes is just the utilization of a third-party OST repair tool. The product fixes errors and repairs your collapse OST File effectively without much exertion. The best thing about programming fixes is that it is free from manual interference.

In these cutting edge technical surroundings, there are a various programming fixes accessible in the data recovery marketplace. Some are notable, while some are not in any case perceived. Here, the main purpose of concern is the choice. The reason being, one wrong selection in place of repairing your damage OST File will ahead damage it.

In this way, to make this complicated selection affair somewhat simple, we have made sense of one of the best email conversion application that not only helps you repair your corrupt OST File other than additionally helps you in maintaining its integrity.

Characteristic of OST to PST Conversion Utility

Originating from the prestigious business pioneer, Stellar Data Recovery, the Stellar OST to PST is an impeccable combination of top of the line quality and ultimate functionality. Recognize elements, for example, security, intense plan, trouble-free operability, great design, quick handling, and trustworthy execution makes the product stands separated from the multitude. This intense programming application can be utilized productively in both situations:

  • Exchange server is unavailable or no more in function.
  • Transfer of Microsoft Exchange server information

This reliable OST to PST converter utility works in all situations and helps you transform your OST data into PST Format. You can utilize IbidInfo OST to PST Conversion Software in the various situations:

  • Malfunction in Hardware
  • OST File Synchronization Problem
  • Running Program Termination Abnormally in Outlook
  • Virus Assault or Malware

OST to PST Converter is Top Most Choice of All Time

  • Safe transformation of OST to PST
  • Encrypted OST file can be converted into PST format
  • Preview facility is available free of cost
  • Manage mail message in systematic way
  • Easy to use customization facility
  • In demo version, you can convert more than 20 mails per folder
  • Conversion available in multiple formats (PDF, MSG, EML, RTF & HTML)
  • Simply convert mails, messages, notes, contact items, calendar items and Journals.
  • Compatibility with MS Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) & 2000

Working Mode of OST to PST Converter Tool

Complete mechanical operation of OST to PST Conversion that is divided into two stages:

  • Conversion of Offline Outlook Data File (.ost)
  • Import PST Files in Outlook

Conversion of Offline Outlook Data File (.ost)

  • Install a reliable application OST to PST converter Tool on their OS
  • Software has simple GUI looks a lot like the GUI of MS Office 2007 will appear. Under this dialog box you can choose OST file.
  • For selection of corrupted OST file hit on Select Outlook File option.
  • After choosing the required OST file which you want to convert now click on the Start button to begin the conversion process.
  • If you don’t know where the file is stored, you can search it by the Find OST File option.
  • After selection of Outlook File click on Scan Now to initiate scanning process.
  • After clicking on Scan now option software will scan the entire OST file.
  • In the Outlook mailbox preview Window; all the mailbox folders display the list of converted files in a three-pane structure. Now opt any of the files to analyse its preview.
  • After saw its partial view, now hit on Save Converted File from the File Menu, to save.
  • Choose the PST from many saving alternatives and browse the desired location where you want to save the converted OST file.
  • Click ‘OK’ to convert and then Finish

When you are finished with the transformation of OST File into PST format, you can then import them into Microsoft Outlook and utilize it.

Import PST Files in MS Outlook

If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2016/2013 editions then you follow these instructions

  • Start Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go through File Menu, hit on to Open & Export alternative.
  • Go to Import/Export alternative.
  • Inside the Import and Export Wizard dialog box, hit Import from another program or file.
  • After hitting the Next option an Import a File window will display.
  • Under this wizard, choose Outlook Data File.
  • Choose on Browse option to find the PST File that wants to be import.
  • After that hit on Next option to go ahead.
  • After clicking on Next option an Import Outlook Data File windows will appear. In this dialog box choose the needed folders that are to be imported.
  • Now click on Finish option to complete the process.

If you are working on the version of Microsoft Outlook 2010, then pursue these steps described in below:

  • Start Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • Go through File Menu to choose Open and shift to Import.
  • Go through Import and Export Wizard, now choose Import from another program or file option.
  • Hit on Next.
  • Another box naming Import from another program or file will appear.
  • Under this dialog box, you can choose Outlook Data File alternative.
  • Click on Next.
  • Go through Browse alternative you can locate the file that need to be transformed.
  • Hit on Next.
  • Go to Browse option and find the file that needs to be imported.
  • Click on Next.
  • A new dialog box will display named Import Outlook Data File will pop up. Now once more pick the folders that are to be imported.
  • Now choose the Finish option to complete the process.

If you are working on Microsoft Outlook 2007/2003 versions, pursue these instructions:

  • Start Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go through File menu option, click on Import and Export.
  • After clicking the Import and Export option a dialog box appear.
  • Under this Import and Export Wizard window, choose Import from another program or filealternative.
  • Now hit on Next option.
  • After clicking on Next option an Import a File window will display.
  • Now choose the Personal Folder File. Now hit on Next button.
  • Go through Browse alternative and find the file that is to be imported.
  • Click on Next.
  • Under this Import Personal Folder option you can select the folders that you want to import
  • Click on Finish to complete the process.


earlier, in Outlook forms, for example, 2007 and 2003, the repair of Outlook OST Files was simple attributable to the OST Integrity Checker utility; in latest editions, for example, 2010, 2013, or above, this implicit Integrity Checker application is truant. Consequently, you have to put an additional exertion to repair the damage or corrupt OST File. The above-mentioned techniques are conceivable resolutions that will facilitate you Repair Corrupt OST File. You can utilize any technique according to your benefit.

In the event that a recommendation is to be given, then OST to PST Converter application is a best option to repair corrupt Outlook Data Files. The reason behind of this conclusion is its noteworthy components, credibility, and guarantee, to take into account the requirements perseveringly.

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