Mac data recovery

Recover your data on Mac and get back all your files without many hassles despite any crash that may occur on your Mac computer. Mac Data Recovery Software is the best choice for getting your data back. It is important to backup your data securely and reliably at any point to avoid loss of vital data that may affect your future.

Data Recovery for Mac has an outstanding file recovery features. It includes 5 easy steps to retrieve formatted, deleted, lost and inaccessible files, videos, photos and audio files from your hard drive, USB drive, CD/DVD disc, SSD, memory card and any other form of storage devices.

A step-by-step wizard guides you through the files that have been deleted or lost, formatted drive, partition errors, corrupted system and other errors or crash. Moreover, Software supports advanced RAW recovery, RAID recovery. With all these enormous features of data recovery, you cannot afford not to have Mac Data recovery with its fast recovery and affordability.

Let’s check out some of the features of Data Recovery:

  • Hard drive recovery and storage device recovery
  • Application, Media, Email and Document Recovery
  • Fast and deep scan recovery
  • Permanent Data wipe features
  • Clone partition or Drive

In addition to the above features, the following are the simple 5 step process of Data Recovery for Mac:

Step 1: Choose a media that best fits your data loss problem.

Step 2: Select a volume you want to recover data from.

Step 3: Select a recovery mode.

Step 4: Check your selected options and start the scan.

Step 5: Select and save the files.

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An incredibly powerful hard drive data recovery utility to recover Mac data from accidentally deleted, lost, hard drive crashed, logical corrupted and formatted hard drive. Recover files even when your computer cannot boot up and cannot enter Mac or Windows. It also recovers formatted, lost partition, or damaged hard drive partition right on your Mac.

Mac data recovery makes it easy to retrieve deleted photos, video , audio, word, excel, office, or others files from Mac OS X, It 100% compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

Whether files were deleted or the media device was damaged or formatted, Mac recovery software helps recover all of them in such situation. Other type of files that can be recovered through MAC data recovery include application, RAW images, office files, PDF, emails, HTML files, HD video and more.

Another cool but sensitive features of the Mac recovery is the Data Wipe feature. This feature wipes any sensitive files and folders from the hard drive or other media storage devices which makes it irretrievable. It is important to note that this feature must be used with extreme consciousness as data wiped can never be recovered again.

Data recovery thumbnail preview option gives a complete summary assessment of recovery results.

Mac Data Recovery supports more file formats than any other data recovery applications. The quick scan mode helps scan and search deleted files and folders fast, and easily restores files to save time and resources. Sometimes the Quick scan mode may not find your files, simply just switch to the Deep scan to fix the recovery. The deep scanning and searching algorithm finds all type of file systems such as HFS+, HFS, EXT2/3, FAT, and NFTS.

This feature is required in more severe cases. Cloning an entire partition or drive is another characteristic of Data Recovery software. You can easily backup a faulty hard drive to enhance recover ability. RAID recovery can be done in a situation where the controller has stopped working, but the drives are still functional. This can be achieved by simply attaching the drives to a system and reconstruct the RAID to fully recover the data from RAID.

I was particularly amazed when I used the Mac data recovery software to recover files from my old Mac computer. I was able to get back files and document that would have cost me fortunes. Thanks to the encompassing features of MAC recovery. Try this Mac Data Recovery now for free and see what it will retrieve for you!

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