SpeedUp Mac 3

Is your Mac getting sloooower as time goes by? It may not age, but a clutter of unnecessary data clogging it up. Stellar Data Recovery’s SpeedUp Mac 3 can help speed things up.

It’s a performance optimization tool for Mac OS X that scans your machine and helps you safely remove unwanted and unused duplicate files, large files, cache and universal binaries. You can remove unwanted plugins, widgets & applications and free up gigabytes of disk space, all of which improves system performance. Plus, you can scan your boot volume and all other volumes with SpeedUp Mac and perform the “SpeedUp” function.

SpeedUp Mac 3 is easy to use. It has three handy options: SpeedUp Now, Clean My Mac and Uninstaller. SpeedUp Now finds and removes unnecessary old large files, cache files, universal binaries, duplicate files, and language files from boot drive. Clean My Mac lets you delete large files, universal binaries, duplicate files, and language files from selected Mac volumes. Uninstaller lets you uninstall all unused applications, plug-ins, and widgets from your Mac via drag and drop.

Stellar SpeedUp 3 also has a Quick Look button so you can preview data and files before they’re removed. You can even schedule it to perform tasks at certain times of day, such as when you’ve turned in for the night.

On the downside, SpeedUp 3 doesn’t have the ability to scan for and remove viruses, malware and spyware. Sure, they’re much less prevalent on a Mac than a Windows machine, but, with all the other jobs that Stellar’s software performs, it’s a shame it does handle this, as well.

A demo version of SpeedUp Mac is available. This version can remove unwanted applications, log files and system junk.

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