recover corrupted ost file

Occasionally, you may get blunder messages when synchronizing your Offline data file (.ost) in MS Outlook with your mailbox on a server running Exchange.

You may likewise see that a few things are lost from your .ost record or from your mailbox after you synchronize your .ost document and your mailbox. When this happens, you ought to utilize the OST Integrity Check device (Scanost.exe) to check your .ost document. The OST Integrity Check utility runs just on .ost documents and can be utilized to analyze and repair synchronization calamity.

The apparatus filters both your .ost record and your mailbox on the server running Exchange, match up the data and folders in each, and endeavours to accommodate synchronization contrasts between them. The OST Integrity Check device does not change your mailbox on the server running Exchange.

The utility records any differentiation in an scan log with the goal that you can see the inconsistencies that it found and determined. The scan log additionally distinguishes any circumstances that the instrument couldn’t solve which you should settle physically. The scan log can be found in your Deleted Items folder.

To utilize the OST Integrity Check utility offered by Microsoft, you should interface with your Exchange account so that the device can examine your mailbox folders and things.

On the off chance that you beforehand set up Outlook to begin disconnected from the net consequently, the OST Integrity Check device won’t have the capacity to get to your mailbox on the server running Exchange. Hence, before you run the utility, you have to transform your Outlook start-up settings briefly.

In case that you have issues opening your .ost document, you can utilize the Inbox Repair device (Scanpst.exe) to analyze and repair mistakes in your .ost record. The Inbox Repair utility (Scanpst.exe) can be utilized on your .ost record and also Personal Folders document (.pst).

The device checks the .ost or .pst document, and ensures that the record structure is in place. It doesn’t collaborate with your Inbox on the server running Exchange server in any capacity. The OST Integrity Check apparatus (Scanost.exe) is introduced when you install Outlook.
It is situated at: drive: \Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.

Repair mistakes or corruptions by utilizing Scanost.exe

  • Stop MS Outlook if open in your computer.
  • Double tap Scanost.exe, situated at upper mentioned location.
  • If you have Outlook profile, the utility will also provoke you for that profile.If you have set up Outlook to prompt for a profile, the tool will also prompt you for one. In the Profile Name list, click the profile that contains the .ost file that you want to check.
  • On the off chance that you are provoked to Connect or Work Offline, Hit on Connect.
  • Select the options that you want.
  • Select the alternatives that you need.
    To have the utility logically or mechanically resolve inconsistencies that it finds at the time of scan, choose the Repair Errors check box. In the event that this check box is cleared, the device will log the issues however not make the essential modifications.
  • Click Begin Scan.

Note: To see the scan log, begin MS Outlook, and afterward open the Deleted Items folder. The application does not examine the folder of Deleted Items. Any issues will be noted in a message with the Subject “OST Integrity Check.” In case that you need to leave this procedure and perform such task simple, precisely and quick then go for an third party application. This application definitely helps you. You can download this application from here:

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