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How to Get Data from Crashed Windows System with IbidInfo Windows Data Recovery In modern day computer plays an important role in human life or basic need of everyday life. And the hard disk is most important for a computer to play in a proper manner. No operating system in the whole world can play without hard disk, just like a heart. Hard disk play important role in operating system.

But intermittently or occasionally we face corruption or some problem due to unforeseen crash in their hard disk. Due to this reason we may lose their essential files, multimedia files, documents or other crucial data which were stored within the drive.

Windows Hard disk: Basically hard drive is a solid storage device that can collect all Windows machine data and provide you fast access to them. Entire data which are assembled into the hard disk, persist or stuck in it even if the computer is turned off or out of service.

Significance of Computer Hard Disk Drive

  • Without a hard disk drive, an operating system cannot be booted up. It permits your system to start.
  • The entire data and information are saved into hard disk.
  • In the absence of hard disk computer is nothing or piece of wasted.
  • Hard disk without the operating system cannot work properly.
  • All data is saved in computer with the support of disk.
  • All functionality of the operating system depends on its hard drive. Without disk, your operating system cannot function.

How to Allocate the Windows Hard Disk is Crashed? There are two factors responsible for Windows hard disk crash

Logical failure and other is physical failure. Due to these reasons system become unable to boot up. And an error message can help you know the exact cause of the crash. As physical failure causes crash in hard drive and logical failure causes, the computer cannot boot up properly. Reasons Behind in Hard Disk Failure? There are several reasons which may cause hard disk failure, Some of are given below:

  • Manufacturer’s Fault
  • Unexpected power Failure
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Corrupted/Invalid Data
  • Human Errors

Striking Features of Windows Data Recovery Software

  • Recovers picture, images and other multimedia files
  • Effective scanning of storage device.
  • The user can utilize “search” option for finding lost and deleted partition
  • This Windows data recovery tested on up to 2TB storage spaces.
  • Recover data from formatted drive.
  • Perform recovery of lost photos and multimedia files.
  • Get back lost or deleted volume without losing any file.
  • Differentiate files in three ways: classic list/file list/masked list
  • User can move on advance scanning anytime for highly corrupted files.
  • Recover data from memory card.
  • User can search necessary file with using “search” option
  • Trim down your tree-structure list for generate ne list.
  • Support all Windows Versions such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and other below version.

Perform Three Simple Steps and Get Back your Windows Data

  • Download & Install IbidInfo Windows Data Recovery
  • Scan the media: Complete scanning of storage device for all lost and deleted files
  • Preview & Recover Data: Preview of all recovered items, choose the files and save them into safe location.
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