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Here is Top Most Video Repair Tools: – Any person who pondered that there will be a period when we can capture moving visual images at home and see it on the TV or tablet, or can even download our most loved recordings on the web? In this way, now that is in the long run conceivable, we have different problems to deal with related the video codecs. It may so happen that you have recordings in .mov or .mpeg or whatever other format and that is impaired, for this reason does not play appropriately.

It might solidify or fixed while playing, crash or may not keep running by any stretch of the imagination. There can be different causes for the malfunctions of the recordings which can be fixing with just video repair application that easily repair any damage video effectively. You know you feel secure when there is an option accessible to the video, for example, purchasing the film from the shop, in any case, if it’s something that you have captured individually and is contaminated now, it can get dangerous.

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Subsequently, you require video repair programming to deal with your broken or impaired documents that can repair them for a tranquil seeing experience. Today, we have a record of free video repair programming that can facilitate to repair the corrupt or damaged video in the blink of an eye. While some of these applications work for just certain codecs, some work for all. These free applications repair various files such as MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV and numerous other commonly utilized codecs.

In this way, check the listing and settle on your decision in view of the files of your corrupt videos.

1. VLC Media Player

Small number of people may be aware that VLC Media Player which is one of the main applications to run video/audio files, similarly helps repair harmed video documents in AVI, MOV, MP4 and QTRM groups. Therefore, for every one of the individuals who did not know this remarkable aspect of VLC Media Player, we will reveal to you how to go about it.

You just need to go to “Tools” => Choose “Preferences” starting from the drop. Right now, a window will open where need to discover and Hit on “Inputs /Codecs” alternative. Look down the sidebar and recognize the segment that says “Damaged or Incomplete AVI File”. This has a drop down from where you have to choose “Always Fix”. Right now save your inclinations and run the video file hassle free. If the video is damaged or impaired VLC application will repair it. This application run on All available Windows Versions: 10, 8, 7 etc.

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Edition: Freeware Application

In any case, if your video is seriously corrupted or broken and can’t be repaired even by the VLC Media Player; you can use any other video repair program that is mentioned underneath.

Company Solution: Video Repair Tool

2. DivFix++


Your chase for the perfect video repair program may simply end with DivFix++, particularly if your video is of AVI form. There are many things that we like about this product; initially it’s free of charge, at that point it fix corrupted MP4 video files lastly, you can also absolutely preview any incompletely downloaded films from ed2K, ftp.web, torrent or from other web sources. Utilizing the preview option you can make sure that the video record name is the same as the genuine video.

Make use of DivFix++ which is so simple, as you just need to open the video record you wish to repair. For including the documents yourself, you have to choose “Add Files” and insert a video file to the list for repair. one of the best aspect of the product is it can repair multiple AVI records at once, so you simply need to pick the alternative “multiple AVI files” and include them in the repair list.

Currently, you can choose “Strip Index” tab to erase the index section from the video and afterward choose the “Fix” alternative to begin fixing the document. You can check errors of your document through the “Check Errors” feature. You can also remove any impaired part of the video by tapping on the “Check out Bad Parts” element. if you don’t need your unique video records to be overwritten, go for “Keep Original File” alternative.

Finally, after using this quick and lightweight software you can save the resultant video file either into the same location as the original file or to a different folder.

Ultimately, after utilizing this swift and convenient program you can keep the repaired video document either into an identical area from the first record or to another folder. This application working with all below Versions: Win 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98 etc.


Edition: Free of Cost

3. Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair is accessible to download free of cost, it is another one of the best video repair programming helps repair your corrupt AVI video records which are encoded with DivX, Xvid , MPEG4, 3ivx and Angel Potions, This product facilitates repair AVI documents that occurs harsh playback, turbulence in visual motions, or any disturbances in the sound or video quality, and accordingly re-encodes damaged sections to assure a smooth screening experience while retaining the real enumerating of the AVI record.

It facilitate to recognize the corrupted video clips, repair the AVI file Index and File more than 2GB size, repairs AVI file that damage while recording, recognizes the key-frames of various codecs viz. MPEG4, DivX, Angel Potions, Xvid and 3ivx and recreates the documents without the MOVI-chunk. The tool compatible with OpenDML AVI and Standard AVI file creations. Additionally, supports numerous languages such as English, German and Russian.

For the repairing procedure, choose the alternative “Input File” and add the tainted video to the product interface. Here, you can scan for any blunders by tapping on “Check Errors” that is noticeable by the product. Any blunder identified will appear on the “File Status” and after that you can choose “Repair” for the repairing procedure to begin for the video record. Post the repair, you can choose the target folder where you need to keep the video.

What’s interesting is that Digital Video Repair comes attached with “Relevant Knowledge” which you can install as per the process displayed in case you do not want it on your desktop.

Digital Video Repair comes with “Relevant Knowledge” which you can configure according to the procedure showed in the event that you don’t need it on your desktop. Software compatible with Windows Version such as: Win 8, 7, Vista, Win XP, 2000.

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4. Repair Video Master

Repair Video Master

Repair video Master is clear-cut but helpful video repair program and video recovery tool which can be utilized to repair corrupted video records including WMA, ASF, WMV, MPEG-4, AVI, Xvid, RM, 3GP, DivX, RM, RMVB and AC3 and so on. Every one of the recordings that can’t play apropriately, corrupted, damaged, truncated, broken, tainted or fail to totally copy from CD, DVD and other source can be repaired by this tool with extraordinary functions with great speed.

Repair various corrupted video recordings in bunch. Support repairing extensive videos bigger than 2GB. Deleting large junk objects while repairing AVI documents. Fix with outstanding performance and high speed. You can repair any type of impaired videos recordings.

If you have heaped up those in incompletely corrupted or harmed video records, don’t junk them starting at now as you have Repair Video Master to re-establish them for you. It is a reliable application created for Windows OS and intends to restore corrupt videos that are unplayable.

Most importantly, the product holds the actual video quality and makes sure no harm to the same and rather makes a different re-established or repaired video document. Software compatible with OS like: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 environments, 32-bit version..

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Edition: Free to try

5. Meteorite


An open source project that is intended to repair tainted or damaged MKV video records, Meteorite can easily repair your half downloaded MKV documents/ Matroska videos or broken movies with it too. This application simply repairs HD, high definition videos that are in MKV format generally. It accompanies with basic design and does not have an interface. When you download this product, it only opens as box with actually no alternatives or features. On the other hand, software has drag-and-drop options which make this software simplified, so you can just drag the MKV video documents you need to repair and drop it in the box. The product automatically starts the repair procedure, removes the tainted files and places the repaired one.

Meteorite is an undoubtedly one and only reliable MKV repair program, works on C++ coding for quick function and compatible with various OSes. This application compatible with all OS like: Linux, Mac OSX and Windows Operating Systems.

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Edition: Freeware

6. File Repair

File Repair is a one of a kind device that not simply repairs video documents effectively in specific files, but in addition it support other video formats for example, PPT, DOCX, RAR, XLS, GIF, PDF, MP3, PNG, JPEG, WAV, ZiP and so on. The utility inspect the ruined document and gets out as much information as it can from it to make a record that is playable.

Choose the corrupted document from the catalogue on the UI and tap on the alternative “Repair”. You can see the whole procedure in the log screen situated underneath the program. Once the restore procedure is finished the actual video record is re-established with the repaired video document. Aside from video records, File repair additionally repairs corrupted Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets, ZIP or RAR records, pictures of PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, or RAW form, Access databases, PowerPoint Presentations and music documents. Software supports all available Windows Operating Systems.

Edition: Freeware

7. MP4 Video Recovery Tool

This application developed only for Windows OS, MP4 Video Recovery Tool helps repair MP4 video recordings. It repair videos that either can’t be played or shows an error when you endeavour to open it. The tool requires a Java Runtime Environment to work. In order to repair a corrupted video clip:

  • Now click on “Select Corrupt Video File” option for selecting the corrupt video from your system location.
  • For selecting MP4 video that was created by the equivalent system as the one that was damaged, go with the alternate “Select Working Video”.
  • For repairing corrupted video file, click on “Click My File” option.
  • This video repair process might take time based on your system’s performance and size of the tainted video file.
  • This application facilitates you to provide the “Status” of the repair process. On behalf of this process you can save your repaired file a desired location.

Mainly, MP4 Video Recovery Tool chases the actual video as reference, gets the information and after that remakes the corrupted video. Software is compatible with Windows Operating Systems only.

Edition: Freeware

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8. DivXRepair


Don’t you feel disappointed when your DivX record just declines to play because of harmed video document? DivXRepair encourages you to repair corrupted AVI video documents in your gadget easily. While it fixes the corrupted video, it additionally fixes another errors like freezing of pictures, pixel staining, and loss of sound. You basically add the corrupt videos to the catalogue that you need to repair and the product will consequently follow and erase the tainted frames of video.

You will have to be calm as the scanning process takes time. Despite the fact that it may not distinguish all the damage frames consistently, however when it does, it productively repairs the harmed segment for you to have smooth screening experience. It removes corrupt section and re-appends the detached parts together to ensure that the video plays appropriately.

The main advantage of this product is that you can pick various files to repair videos in bunch. Once the repair procedure is over you will see a pop up that shows the ultimate report and which includes the video repair data. One of the simplest demanding video repair programs, DivXRepair accompanies a similarly straightforward UI that is amazingly simple to explore. Compatibility and Support with OS: Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit) Windows Vista (32 bit & 64 bit), Windows XP

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Edition: Freeware

9. Get My Videos Back

Get My Videos Back

If you have a broken CD or a DVD and want to recover your films from these scratched media gadgets then you are in right place.Now recover your video from these harmed media gadgets with this free instrument “Get My Videos Back” easily. While re-establishing the corrupted recordings is super simple, this product also offers extra components, for example, no limitation on the video size, assessing the faults and size of the skipped information, numbering the skipped information utilizing Disk type, giving pause enabled copy, examine how much free space is accessible on the objective drive, aiding continuation of report, and the capability to keep each of the readable byte utilizing byte mode.

So, in order to have those ruined video clips reported, you have to Hit on the “Open and Start” alternative. Choose the corrupted video document that you need to be repaired, and afterward you will be asked to pick a destination folder. While you select the target folder, the video repairing process starts. The main thing of this software is that Get My Videos Back can repair the vast majority of the video codecs that is, AVI, MPEG, DivX, 3GP, MP4, FLV and that’s just the beginning.

You can see the errors shown in small segments along with the ability to view the original size, repair speed, copied bytes, errors, skipped bytes, and errors. It also allows you to view the activity table of Get My Video Back.

You can see the faults appeared in little portions alongside the capability to see the actual size, repair speed, replicated bytes, blunders, skipped bytes and errors. It enables you to see the action table of Get My Video Back. Software Compatibility with All Windows OS.


Edition: Freeware

10. Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

Advance Version of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is program that intends to repair corrupt Videos of Mac OS. This application also repairs MOV documents that have unplayable on Quick Time player because of malfunctioning apart from recordings in different forms like, M4A, F4V, MP4 and M4V. It intends to repair various errors associated with the video, for example, sound breakage, changes of format, frame issue, time lapse, problem with the header, development and movement errors.

Video repair support multiple videos in batch. This software comes with useful features that simply fix errors of video stored in various storage media devices such as Hard disk, Memory card, and external disk. It can empower you to preview the repaired video recordings, so that you can analyze the video before saving. Tool gives the flexibility to save repaired file at your safe location.

The free demo variant enables you to preview repair recordings up to 10MB. In any case, you can’t preview F4V video documents under the default watcher in Mac as it is not supported by Quick Time. Stellar Phoenix Video Repair provides a flawless and easy to understand interface that does not expect you to be a specialist to utilize it. With only a couple of snaps of the mouse, you can finish the repair procedure. Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9

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Edition: Demo Version

11. Yodot AVI Repair

Yodot AVI Repair

Yodot AVI Repair is particularly designed for the Windows and Mac OS that aid repair video records in DIVX, AVI and XVID files in a flash. Not only that, it support to repair AVI records made by the outstanding DSLR cameras, repairs files in AVI format storing in the hard drives, Memory Cards, USB gadgets and so forth, and gives you a chance to preview repaired video documents.

Despite AVI documents, Yodot AVI Repair additionally repairs video records with XVID and DIVX video codecs made by numerous multimedia gadgets that incorporate cell phones and computerized cameras. So as to utilize the product follow the straightforward guidelines on the showed on its screen. When you include the required video document that you need to repair, the program begins repairing the video.

On finish of the repair, it indicates report log together with the document depiction. Presently, you can see the AVI document if it has been effectively repaired and once fulfilled keep the repaired video record in the wanted place. The program accompanies a straightforward and simple to utilize interface. Software compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and Mac

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Edition: Freeware

12. Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI

As the name recommends, you can fix videos in AVI form along with DivX and XVID documents with Remo Repair AVI and ensures that you can play the corrupted video documents blunder free post the repair procedure. Furthermore, this instrument repairs and attaches sound and visual information stream parallel to each other, repairs AVI records that are playable both on the Mac OS and the Windows OS, accessible in free demo form that repair corrupted videos and even enables you to see the result of repaired file empowering you to inspect the application before you go on to buy. This application support many storage media such as Flesh Drive, Memory Cards, USB Drives and Hard Disk etc.

For repairing your ruined video recordings, Install the product and select the video from the catalogue that you need to repair. The assessment of the picked video records starts immediately and the repair procedure then follows. On the effective repairing of the video, you will see a prompt with an alternative for you to review the repaired document. When you have previewed the repaired document and you are happy with the consequence, you need to enlist the product so you can utilize the repaired video. Ultimately, keep the document to your required area.

Remo Repair AVI accompanies a clear and simple to utilize interface that encourages you to repair your video in few moments. Software works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8

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