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Before thoroughly reading this article, let me ask you for a favor. When you have the time, try asking those around you what’s their opinion on the whole cloud storage gig. Or better yet, let me tell you what they’re going to sound like. Some will react sceptically, telling you it’s useless and unsafe, others will try to persuade you that cloud storage is the future, and last but not the least bit – some people wouldn’t know anything about it whatsoever.

Facts are, however that cloud storage exists for a reason! Let’s face it, people don’t want to spend a lot of money on hard drives that are bound to crash some time in the future. Cloud storage providers exist, so why not make best of what’s given to you!

pCloud is a cloud storage company with a lot of potential. It has been live for less than a year and has attracted more than 600 000 users and counting. The service offers up to 20 GB of free file storage space and some unique features: Up to 20 GB of free Storage When you sign up to your pCloud account, you get 10 GB of initial free storage.

However, you can increase this space with additional 10 GB through their referral system. No file size and speed limit While other cloud storage providers set these types of limitations, pCloud most definitely doesn’t. You can upload and download your data at the highest speed your Internet provider allows you to. The same statement is valid for the size of your files as well.

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Instant changes with pCloud sync With pCloud sync you can synchronize multiple folders between your PC and your pCloud account. The synchronized data will be instantly available on your web and your mobile applications. Social media backup This is perfect for those of you, who are socially active in the web. You can backup all of the media you’ve posted on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Better safe than sorry!


Download And Upload Link

These functions and both useful and unique. By selecting them you can generate one-of-a-kind links and share them with your friends and colleagues. After opening them, they can either upload or download files from your account. Best part is – they don’t have to register for the service.


Sharing folders You can invite your friends and colleagues to see what’s going on in your folder. You can also set different types of permissions they can execute, which include: reading, creating, modifying and deleting your data. Full featured Android and iOS applications pCloud support Android and iOS applications they contain all the features, you can access through your web account.

They sport a fresh and easy-to-manage interface and have specific options, such as automatic backup of the media in your mobile device, offline access and pass lock options. Audio player For those of you, who are looking where to store your music files, pCloud provides enough space and an embedded audio player with playlist options to jam your favourite tunes.


Design Although most people underestimate it, I can’t help but to bring forward a thumbs up for pCloud’s design. It’s fresh and convenient to use. It didn’t take me a whole lot to find what I was looking for and I just love how the option buttons are placed. Kudos to pCloud.


Safety and security

The cloud storage service is relatively safe as it uses TLS/SSL encryption protocols as well as copies and saves the stored information on at least three highly secured server locations.

Final opinion: With this feature overview, I believe that pCloud is a nice addition to the cloud storage market. It gives a fair amount of cloud storage and features for convenient use. Thanks to its intuitive design, you can adapt to pCloud really fast. I’d recommend you try it out and see how it works with you. You could even change your friends’ mindset about cloud storage as a whole, thanks to the service.

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