Lucidpress is a powerful online tool that solves the dilemma of design for small businesses. If you’ve been frustrated by InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, it could prove to be a good solution for you. It’s a design and layout application that’s hosted online, meaning that you and your colleagues can access it anywhere and collaborate in real-time on documents. Best of all, it’s easy to use. Anyone can create great-looking designs, even if you don’t have prior design experience.

When I first entered the Lucidpress editor, I noticed that the navigation was very straightforward. Simplified menus let me find text boxes, shapes, and pick colors, a nice contrast to InDesign. The drag-and-drop is great: you can pick a menu item and pull it onto the canvas with a click, then resize it with your cursor.

There’s also a huge range of templates available to both free and paid users, though the paid templates are a little snazzier. I found options for everything from party invitations to annual reports.

One of Lucidpress’s niftier features is the ability to collaborate with others on your work. It’s kind of like Google Docs, but for design. Depending on the permissions you set, your colleagues can edit the same document as you, comment on it, or chat with you about it as you work.

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When you’re finished making your Lucidpress document, you have the option to export it for print or publish it online. There’s a pretty good range of export options—PNG, JPG, PDF—and there’s also higher quality files available for paid accounts.

If you go the online publishing route, you can generate a customized URL that hosts your document on the web. This lets you add interactive elements to your work, like videos and hyperlinks.

All in all, I found Lucidpress to be fantastic tool. It really shows what a web app is capable of doing right in the browser. I think it could prove invaluable for individuals and businesses looking to save time and money while still producing high quality design.

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