NordVPN is a well known VPN provider that joined the battle for internet users’ privacy in 2012 and since then offers a fast, secure and affordable VPN service. The company that started NordVPN is called Tefincom S.A. which works under the jurisdiction of Panama – a perfect jurisdiction for a VPN provider as they do not need to keep logs as there are no data retention laws in the country.


At the moment NordVPN has 28 servers in 20 countries: Servers are spread all around the world.

A wise worldwide server distribution allows users from every part of the world to connect to a fast NordVPN node. Green dots on the map show servers that are currently available and orange dots show the upcoming servers in near future.

Two Higher Security Solutions Are Offered By NordVPN:

Double VPN – a solution where the traffic gets encrypted at the first server and then encrypted again at the second and only then leaves out to the internet. We have tested this solution and left with a surprised smile on our faces. The speeds were as on the regular server, having that in mind, it is one of the best privacy solutions that any VPN provider offers at the moment.

Tor over VPN – a solution where the traffic is encrypted at the NordVPN server in Sweden and then enters the famous Tor Network. The Tor exit nodes change every 5 minutes which means your IP changes as well. While being connected to the Tor Network you have an access to .onion websites that normally are hidden.

Privacy Policy

As mentioned before, NordVPN does not keep any logs – no traffic logs, no timestamps, nothing. It is a sure thing, as NordVPN was mentioned in theTorrent Freak article about logless VPN providers who takes users anonymity seriously.

Pricing & Payment Methods

NordVPN offers all-in-one packages for one month, three month, six months and an annual subscriptions. That means that all servers are included into the package and the change between servers is completely free and unlimited. The 1 month subscription costs 8 Euros, while an annual subscription costs only 48 Euros (4 Euros/Month).

NordVPN supports a must have payment option for a VPN provider – an anonymous payment type that is the Bitcoin. You can pay for NordVPN services via PayPal, Bitcoin, Paysera and one of the Paymentwall offered options like Credit Card, PaySafeCard, Mint, Ukcash etc.

Refund & Free Trial

Internet market services cannot be fully viewed before purchasing hence the refund and a free trial are essential. NordVPN offers a 3-day money-back guarantee which is enough to see if the services are not working for you and ask for a refund. For a try out they offer a 3-day free trial as well which can be gained by contacting them via e-mail, contact form on the site or live chat. Three days is quite a long period for testing, while compared to other providers that don’t even provide a trial version.

Protocols & IPs

NordVPN has the standard protocols for the VPN provider but their encryption overshadows the competitors. Nord offers the most secure protocol that is available – OpenVPN. You can choose between OpenVPN TCP & OpenVPN UDP protocols. OpenVPN TCP gives you the strongest security, while OpenVPN UDP is the fastest of all protocols, usually used for downloading, video streaming, etc. The encryption for OpenVPN is SSL 2048bit. L2TP offers a military grade 256bit-AES encryption. MPPE-128bit is provided for PPTP protocol.

NordVPN offers 636+ different shared/dynamic IP addresses. It is also possible to purchase a dedicated IP which would be assigned and used only by the buyer.

Operating Systems & Applications

NordVPN services are compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Linux, Macintosh, Android, Chromebook, iOS, gaming consoles, routers, etc. There are detailed tutorials available on their site telling how to setup the VPN connection on all these operating systems and devices.

NordVPN has released their own custom Windows software, which is very easy to use and has some useful features implemented like kill-switch, DNS leak protection, auto connect, proxy server option etc.

At the moment custom iOS and Android apps are being developed by NordVPN as well as the software for Macintosh and all these new applications should be released by the end of the year.

Other Features

  • Live chat, e-mail support;
  • No bandwidth limitation;
  • No speed limitation;
  • 2 simultaneous devices allowed;
  • High affiliate rates;
  • Free security solutions – web proxy, encrypted chat, secret notes.
  • Website in 5 languages
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