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The most effective method to recover deleted Photographs or Videos from Memory Card

Memory cards come in differed forms and are extremely valuable convenient or handy electronic information stockpiling gadgets that you may usually use to collect and access multimedia information, for example, messages, photographs, songs, and recordings in computerized form. Receptive to flexible electronic gadgets, for example, PDAs, tablets, laptops, computerized cameras, cell phones, portable PCs and MP3 players, you can utilize them in each and every one of these gadgets to store all your advanced information. Presently, in spite of the fact that they are powerful in manufactured, they may get harmed or corrupt, and you may lose access to all your digitally accumulated information. In such a weaken circumstance, it becomes a requirement for you to go ahead with memory card recover resolution that you can find either through application tools or software facilities.

For instance, Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), an universal pioneer in storage and multimedia when declared its dispatch of SDXC/SDHC UHS-I and UHS-II class 3 memory cards, professional cameraman could catch constant picture quality 4K and full HD video. In spite of such an extraordinary read and write paces, Transcend’s SDXC/SDHC UHS-I U3M and UHS II U3 cards are additionally inclined to corruption or video/photograph loss.

To help you in such a circumstance, through the current editorial we acquaint you on the most proficient method to recoup photographs and recordings from memory cards that come in various forms. Here, you will get a comprehensive portrayal of the different forms of memory cards, the photograph and video breakdown issues and the prescribed answers for fix photograph and video malfunction problems.

1. Memory Stick

A Memory Stick (MS) is a type of storage media that you can install in your Digital Camera, Camcorders, Play Station Portable (PSPs), and cell phones to store digital information like text, pictures, audio and video carefully in various formats. They are accessible in numerous forms, for example, Micro (M2), PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO, Standard, PRO-HG Duo and Duo the storage limit of which ranges from around 128 MB to 2 TB. The MS memory card was created and started by Sony in the year 1998, and is extensively being utilized by first-class advanced cameras. SanDisk and Lexar are among couple of third-party makers of Memory Sticks.

Memory Stick

Circumstances which result in information devastation – There are circumstances wherein the saved photographs or recordings are lost because of unplanned elimination, or different reasons, for example, formatting or harm, which prompts error messages, along these lines, rendering the card as unreadable.

Measures to Deal with a Difficult Situation

For better transparency and comprehension on recover lost and deleted photos from Memory Stick and recover lost images and videos recording you ought to settle on an expert Memory Stick recovery program.

2. CompactFlash

A CompactFlash (CF) is a Flash Memory Card obtainable in Type I and Type II, which you can embed in all your handy electronic gadgets to store all multimedia information particularly the photographs and recordings. Produced by SanDisk in the year 1994, it has become the best of all the memory card designs by outperforming Miniature and SmartMedia. Succeeding forms, for example, MMC/SD, numerous Memory Stick types, and xD-Picture Card offers solid rivalry as the majority of these memory cards are minor while offering tantamount information storage capacity and speed.

Supported by numerous proficient and top of the line shopper tools, CF stays a standout amongst the most well known types of memory cards. Starting at 2014, both Canon and Nikon utilized it for their lead. The previous additionally utilizes it as the recording gadget for its top quality expert tapeless camcorders. Besides, the expert camcorders of Ikegami can record computerized recordings onto a CF. Next, discussing the accessible limit of CF memory card; it begins from 2MB to 512GB that is the most extreme limit obtainable commercially.

Flash Memory Card

Circumstances, which result in information failure – They additionally have their inadequacies. They can get damage or harmed anytime intently gone before by a blunder message. What’s more, you may unintentionally erase or format your CF memory card both of which prompts the unavailability of the collected information.

How to Deal with a Difficult Situation

To restore images or videos from CF card, you require a valid solution that you can acquire as Compact Flash card recovery.

3. SmartMedia

SmartMedia is a kind of identical flash memory card created and proprietorship by Toshiba to save and obtain digital data in the structure of content, images, audios files and recording of moving visual images. usually, it is obtainable in the form of 45.0 × 37.0 × 0.76 mm, 1.8 g in weight, and with information stockpiling competency ranging from 2 to 128 MB. It was started in the mid year of 1995 to compete with memory cards of different types, for example, CompactFlash, MiniCard, and PC Card. In spite of the fact that memory cards are generally connected to advanced cameras, computerized sound players, PDAs, and other equivalent information stockpiling gadgets, SmartMedia was launched as a successor to Floppy Disk to store information and, consequently was initially named as Solid State Floppy Disk Card.


Circumstances that cause data deprivation – despite the fact that SmartMedia is no longer constructed, you might be utilizing it for very a few years and, during the progression of collecting and getting to information, you may lose all the collected information because of file erasure, formatting of the SmartMedia card, or corruption issues.

What is the clarification?

As a solution to photographs deprivation circumstance in SmartMedia memory card, you can get the assistance of Smart Media card recovery program.

4. MultiMediaCard (MMC)

MultiMediaCard is a kind of memory card and is subsequently utilized as a part of versatile gadgets as any other memory card, particularly the SD card to store digital data in the shape of content, audio/video, and pictures or images. It was first created in 1997 by SanDisk and Siemens AG as MMC. Presently, it has developed into different kinds, for example MMCmicro, MMCplus and RS-MMC/MMC Mobile. Accessible in various sizes from 4 GB, 16 GB up to 512 GB, MMCs come in about the shape of a postage stamp: 24 mm × 32 mm × 1.4 mm.


Circumstances that cause data deprivation – MMC kind of memory cards likewise get influenced by corruption or destruction issues. Additionally, while utilizing them to collect, obtain, or moving information, you may erase the information or format the gadget coincidentally.

What is the clarification?

Like any other kind of memory cards that we have considered about up to this point, MMCs additionally endure disappointment prompting circumstances of photograph deprivation. Consequently, you have to get MMC card recovery program to get back all the photographs or video recordings.

5. Secure Digital (SD)

Formed by the SD Card Association for utilize in compact gadgets, Secure Digital (SD) is a kind of identical non-changeable memory card format that came up as an advancement over MultiMediaCards. It appeared by joint endeavours of Toshiba, Panasonic (Matsushita Electric) and SanDisk, in August 1999 and has now turned into the corporation standard.

Presently created by these three corporations and in addition Kodak, the SD memory card is accessible in a numerous kinds such as Secure Digital Standard Capacity (SDSC) the information stockpiling limit of which is 1 MB to 2 GB and some even up to 4 GB. after that, microSD, miniSD and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) the collection capacity limit of which fluctuates from 2 GB to 32 GB. Other, microSDHC, Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC), miniSDHC the storage limit of which extends from 32 GB to 2 TB.

Secure Digital

Circumstances which result in information deprivation – Although an enhanced variant of Secure Digital cards, MMC memory card of various types as described in the above section also endure harm and formatting issues. In addition, in case that you erase the photographs or recordings inadvertently, it likewise brings about an information deprivation circumstance.

How to Deal with a Complex Situation

SD Card revival that incorporates Micro SD card restoration, SDHC card retrieval, SDXC card salvage, and MiniSD card restoration are the credible resolutions for recouping the lost or erased information from Secure Digital memory cards.

6. XQD Memory Card

XQD is sorts of memory card that utilizations PCI Express as an information migration interface. With read and compose speed from 1 Gbit/s (125 Mbyte/s) to around 8 Gbit/s (1000 Mbytes/s) and stockpiling capacity above 2 TB it is utilized as a part of advanced quality Camcorders and top notch Digital Cameras. Prime declaration in November 2010 by Nikon, SanDisk, and Sony it was instantly selected by the CompactFlash Association (CFA) for the reason of advancement and was ultimately launched in December 2011. Presently SanDisk, Kingston, Sony & Lexar are the authentic manufacturers of XQD memory card. on the other hand, these memory cards are not in reverse well-suited with either CFast cards or CompactFlash (CF) and have been intended to reinstate the CF standard.

XQD Memory Card

Reasons of data loss – When utilizing the XQD memory card in HD Cameras and High Definition Digital Cameras to catch and stockpile your own photographs or recordings, you may erase a couple or every one of them erroneously. On the other hand, there could be circumstances where in you may inadvertently format the XQD memory card. Both these activities result in conditions of damage of photograph and video files.

Method to Deal with a Difficult Condition

As a determination to information deprivation circumstance in XQD Memory Card, you should scan for a feasible and proficient XQD card retrieval program and profit it. Thusly, you can recoup photographs from XQD memory card.

Quick Fix: Try Company’s Solution Memory Card Recovery Software

7. eXtreme (xD)-Picture Card

This flash memory card was previously utilized in advanced digital cameras delivered by Olympus and Fujifilm. It is available in limits of 16 MB up to 2 GB and three sorts that are Standard, Type M, and Type H, xD-Picture Card. The Standard xD-Picture card is thin and tiny with (20×25×1.78) mm measurement, no wear-leveling controller, electrically indistinguishable to SmartMedia, and capacity limit up to 512 MB. Next, the Type M xD memory cards are likewise thin and tiny with same measurement, no wear-leveling controller, yet with slower read and compose speed and with up to 2 GB information stockpiling limit. With a similar measurement and capacity limit, the Type H is practically same as Type M. Here, the main distinction is that the Type H is swifter. Presently, it is not utilized as a part of any camera delivered today as the xD format has been ended. Albeit such new cards are as yet made, cameras that can support these xD memory cards are not produced any more. Still, you may have these memory cards loaded with both photograph and video documents or it is possible that one.

xD-Picture Card

Circumstances which result in information deprivation – When you utilize eXtreme (xD)- Picture Card in computerized cameras to capture and keep your own images or movies, you may unintentionally erase a couple or every one of them for all time or everlastingly. There are even circumstances wherein you may format the card unconsciously, both of which results in removal of photograph and video records.

Technique to Deal with a Tricky Situation

To recoup all your pictures, movies/recordings from eXtreme (xD)- Picture Card that was vanished either because of erasure or error problems, you ought to acquire one of the finest XD Picture Card Recovery program. With this, you will be accomplished to get back all your profitable photographs or recordings.

8. Eye-Fi WiFi SD Cards

It’s a kind of memory cards named Eye-Fi WiFi SD and SDHC Cards developed by a California-based organization called Eye-Fi, and which have worked in WiFi abilities with which it can associate your camera to your system, tablet, or cell phone at high speeds. Accessible in 16 and 32 GB information stockpiling limit, you can utilize an Eye-Fi WiFi card inside an advanced camera, and after that transfer your computerized photographs to a PC or whatever other cell phone remotely and consequently.

Eye-Fi WiFi SD Cards

Circumstances which result in information loss – even though the Eye-Fi WiFi memory cards are install with numerous superior or advanced elements, they are not resistant to harm or error problems. Additionally, human mistakes, for example, inadvertent removal can be limited however not abolished. In this way, all these prompting circumstances of pictures, images or video deprivation.

Method to Deal with a Complex Situation

To restore the images and recordings that you have misplaced, you ought to acquire proficient Eye-Fi WiFi memory card restoration program independent of the reason of deprivation of information. In any case, the product you get must be the best in the business.

9. P2 Cards

It’s a certified Plug-In, P2 cards are kind of proficient memory presented by Panasonic. Custom-made to electronic news-gathering devices, it highlights a tapeless soundtrack of AVC-Intra or DV, DVCPRO-HD, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, on a strong state flash memory. These memory cards offer equivalent advanced recording facility to disc based and tape-based media, and with an additional favourable position of not a solitary moving part.

P2 Cards

Circumstances, which result in information loss – The Panasonic P2 memory cards, are no special case. They similarly get harmed despite the fact that they are not inclined to error problems. Additionally, people can’t work blunder free thus you can erase all your photographs or format the P2 memory card, subsequently, acquiring the need of a P2 card recuperation program.

Technique to Deal with a Complex Situation

Indeed, to restore all the lost photographs or video clips from P2 cards you ought to go for the best P2 memory card recuperation programming from a prestigious supplier.

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