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We do physical examination regularly to keep ourselves in a healthy state, but how about your iOS devices? They may need such a “physical examination” also. I didn’t realize that until last week. My iPhone 6 became more and more sluggish recently, and the iOS system got crash at times. When I wanted to install an app on my iPhone 6, it said that my iPhone was full. You have ever encountered the same problem, right? There must have been too much rubbish in your device. It is time to give it a thorough “medical examination”.

Then, How to do? I have seen people come up with various methods. But the problem is that many of the methods are far too cumbersome. There are easier methods however and that is why I wish to introduce you to Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro. iPhone Care Pro is a dream come true to all iDevice users. It can optimize iOS devices by removing junk files, easily block ads for apps, fix all iOS system issues and more.

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The most amazing thing about this program is that all computer users can use it without any difficulties. The wizard style interface and illustrated images have been helpful in guiding users through the whole process. iPhone Care Pro has both Windows and Mac versions. The installation is quite quick and straightforward, not forcing you into installing any junk toolbars or third-party programs. Once done, it is time to plug in your iDevice and start operation. This is exactly what I did.

Quick/Deep Scan Your IPhone With IPhone Care Pro

As you can see from form screenshot above, you can see specific device usage condition, and the 6 main features of this program. Since I’d like to do remove junk files from my iPhone to speed it up, I quickly selected the “Free Cleanup” function.

You will be shown 2 clean modes: Quick Clean and Deep Clean. Quick Clean allows you to find 8 types of junk files, which includes App Caches, App Cookies, App Temp Files, App Crash Logs, Download Temp Files, Photo Caches, User Storage Files, iTunes Radio Caches. While Deep Clean can clean 12 types of files, including messages, browsing history, Safari cookies, calling history, webmail caches, and all your private content. You can choose either of them according to your need. I wanted to do a thorough cleaning to my iPhone, so I chose Deep Clean.

While I do want to free up some space, I definitely don’t want to lose content already existed or want my device to stop working. No worries. It does an automatic backup before scanning. That’s why I say it is so considerate.

The backup process completes quickly. After that you are allowed to select certain file types to scan. I chose all the 12 types. Of course, you can slide the button next to the file type to OFF if you don’t want to scan it.

Speedup IPhone/IPad/IPod

iPhone Care Pro is really efficient. It finished scanning my iPhone’s up to 8GB of data in less than 3 minutes. This is going to save you a lot of time in the long run, and as you know, time means money. After scanning, it informed me that I could remove privacy threats up to 665 items, reclaim free space of 99.83KB, and boost iOS performance up to 20%. In just one click, these junk files were completely removed from my device.

If you think iPhone Care Pro can only cleanup your iPhone junk files, you are completely wrong. Manage iOS files, backup and restore, block ads, fix iOS, and repair operating system etc. All those can be achieved with iPhone Care Pro. You can feel free to try these features iPhone Care Pro is a comprehensive and outstanding tool.

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I would give it 5 star ratings. If I have to pick holes in it, iTunes components will be asked to install automatically the moment you launch the program, so that it will be compatible with iTunes 12.1. Sometimes the installing process takes a little long, but it all depends on your network conditions.

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