How to Recover Corrupt SQL Server Database?

Reasons For SQL Server Database Corruption: Damage of SQL database can be caused due to various reasons. Some of them include system being shutdown accidently, changes in SQL account, human errors etc. When a user gets stuck into such troublesome situation, a recent and healthy backup plan can help to work around the problem. But if that is not available and the database is to be accessed urgently, then the only solution left is to trust SQL Server database recovery tool to fix corrupt MDF file and its components.

A Practical Scenario: Say you are MS SQL Server user and in an attempt to open the database, you failed and in addition received an error message that states "Server can't find the requested database table.", restricting you to access crucial database. This error message is likely to occur when SQL Server database is corrupt. To troubleshoot it, the most reliable idea is to take help from SQL repair tool that is built-up with the potential to recover damaged/inaccessible database by analyzing the exact cause of problem. Before moving on the permanent solution to fix MDF file database and components, let us have a view at what a user can do to save his data from being lost.

Resolution: in situations where the SQ database is not huge and complex, users can rebuild the database to handle the situation. But when there is contrasting circumstances, the intelligent decision to rely upon SQL repair tool only where chances of recovery failure and complications are less. Third party software is read only in nature and the plus point is they do not overwrite the database. But for getting expected results from the solution, it is important that a perfect software selection is done.

SQL Database Recovery Tool You Can Entrust: You can bank upon SQL Recovery software that is one of the expert recommended solutions for retrieving damaged SQL database. This SQL database repair tool is acclaimed for its ability to fix error messages and restore lost SQL database effectively.

Corrupt SQL server database can be repaired by following procedure:

  • First of all make the backup of corrupt database.
  • Now run DBCC CHECKDB command on the database without repair clause, it will suggest you the repair clause itself.
  • Again re-run DBCC CHECKDB command with proper repair clause: repair_fast, repair_rebuilt or repair_allow_data_loss suggested by above command.

Note: If command suggests repair_fast or repair_rebuilt then you will not loss any data but you may loss minimum amount of data in case of repair_allow_data_loss.

If you can't afford any single data loss from your database then it is recommended to use an advanced 3rd party Microsoft partner's product like IbidInfo SQL Recovery Software.

SQL recovery software repairs corrupt .mdf as well as .ndf files. It is compatible with all the latest version of windows including Windows 8 and supports SQL server 2012, 2008, R2, 2005, 2000 & 7.0. There is a free demo too.

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