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Commonly, Microsoft Outlook customers who are leaving their present company need to obtain their emails, messages, appointments, calendar entries and contacts with them and do one of two things – erase the mailbox or delete Exchange account from their profile without understanding the Contacts are saved in the Exchange record or they bring the OST document with them, not understanding it must be opened utilizing the record that made it.

Suppose that you no more have approach to the PC that was utilized to make the Offline Folder file (.ost), you’ll have to utilize a device to recoup the substance of the OST. A table of these instruments is beneath. OST to PST converter is freeware but this software only work with healthy files created by MS Outlook older versions. In case you are not identified which version of you utilized you can try IbidInfo OST to PST Converter software. This software easily works with all versions of MS Outlook.

In case your corporation utilize a grouping strategy that obstructs PST formation. Your options are restricted to exporting contacts and calendar to CSV or Excel. If you don’t have large collection of contacts and calendar entries, you can forward them to a personal address. If utilizing Outlook 2007 or 2010, you can send your whole meeting requests and tasks and entire calendar as an iCal.

Note : Make sure of company policies before taking home the contents of your mailbox

Re-establish MS Exchange Server Account

If you erased the Exchange account, you might have the capacity to recuperate the record if you’re PC support system restore and you just a moment ago erased the account or mailbox. In case that an excessive amount of time has passed you are less possible to have a restore point accessible.

  • Start System Restore
  • Choose a specific data just before the account was erased.

When Windows restarts the OST record will be back and you can move the entire information of the OST file to a PST? At that point either erase the mailbox or run restore again to come back to the point made before the restore.

Strategy 1: Archive

You can utilize Archive to copy numerous things into a PST – this strategy is best when you need to move nearly everything in your profile. Note that you can’t archive Contacts. Set the Auto Archive default in Tools, Options, Other, Auto Archive and apply it to all folders. At that point go to File, Archive and run it.

Auto Archiving utilizes the last altered date so you’ll have to utilize a low number while documenting current items. If you utilize Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 you can drive Auto Archive to utilize the Received Date. If you utilize this strategy furthermore require the Contacts, you’ll have to move them to the new data file.

Strategy 2: Export OST File to PST File

Although Export is not usually recommended, when converting an OST to a PST, Export is generally a quick and easy way to move all content from the OST to a PST or ven just the calendar and contacts. If your company blocks the creation of PST files, export to CSV or Excel format.

Despite the fact that Export is not generally suggested, while changing over an OST to a PST, Export is normally a rapid and simple approach to move all substance from the OST to a PST or even simply the timetable or calendar and contacts. In case your organization obstructs the making of PST records, export to CSV or Excel.

Strategy 3: Shift the Items of OST to a Fresh PST

Make another PST in your profile and drag the folders you need to bring with you to the PST. This strategy will safeguard custom perspectives and structures published to folder.

Dragging default folders, for example, Contacts, Inbox and Calendar, raises a message that you can’t shift default folders. The substance will be replicated rather, with the folder named Calendar (1), Inbox (1) and so on.

Strategy 4: Send by E-mail

If you don’t have too many items you want to keep, you can email them to your personal email address. Select the item(s), right click and choose Forward. If you have many, you could drag them to a folder in My Documents, then zip the folder and email the zip file.

If you don’t have an excessive number of things you need to maintain, you can send through email to your own email address. Choose the item(s), right click and pick forward. If you have numerous, you could drag them to an envelope in My Documents, then compress the folder and email it.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 or MS Outlook 2010 clients can email the whole calendar entries as a solitary iCal, if they utilize Outlook 2007 or another calendaring application that support multi-event icals at home. Lower editions of Microsoft Outlook don’t support multi-event icals.

Strategy 5: Convert OST to PST

The best technique is to converting OST to PST with the support of third party application named IbidInfo OST to PST converter tool. No data loss, 100% recovery rate, Guaranteed Results. You can download this application free of charge and be aware of its working capability before purchasing.

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