How Data Loss Can Affect Your Business


Unfortunately, nowadays, data loss can be a serious problem both for individuals and businesses. Almost every computer user faced a situation when data was deleted for some reason, and system or personal files were damaged. But if in private practice, it usually doesn’t threaten something serious, except for the loss of valuable memories, the loss of data in business can lead to millions in fines and lawsuits.

This is what exactly could happen to Diana Hardy, the owner of a growing design company in Orlando. Due to entering the wrong server command, Dayana accidentally deleted a month of hard work and the results of her three significant projects in progress. When deadlines are getting close, and clients are not ready to give more time and want to see the results on time, only two options are available. You can prepare for fines and damage to your reputation, which has been stubbornly developed and improved after months of hard work, or try to fix the situation.

Diana had no doubts about what she needed to do. And even though Diana invested all her savings in her own business, she turned to IbidInfo with a request to help her solve the problem as soon as possible.

“The decision to take out a loan was not difficult for me. I may lose a lot more than the interests I’ve paid if I had not turned to professionals. And I'm lucky! The data was restored on time, and I completed all three projects before the deadline, saving my finances and, more importantly, my reputation.” - Diana says.

We also recommended Diana consider a data backup in order to avoid a business disaster in the future. No one is immune from data loss, and the best thing to do is to prevent negative consequences.

No matter what your business is about, data loss threatens downtime, broken contracts, and broken business processes. Reasons why data may be lost:

  • Accidental file or folder removal;
  • Computer viruses or malicious software;
  • Formatting;
  • Hard drive heads’ failure;
  • Software errors;
  • Logical errors;
  • Device firmware failure;
  • Power failure;
  • Ignoring the error message;
  • Physical damage to the computer or storage device.

The IbidInfo team of professionals knows what to do in any of these situations.