Till now forms were just the part of any business website to make the clients and prospects contact to you.

But you can’t promote your business or sell your products via them. You can’t collect payment through them and grow your business.

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FormGet Features: Checklist

  • Create Online Forms without coding
  • Collect Payment Via Form
  • Branding Form
  • Styling Form
  • Form analytics, to check form performance
  • Easy email campaigning
  • Sharing Form Across Network
  • Never Miss Any Prospect Lead details
  • Interact customer, Solve their issues faster
  • Increase Conversion, Grow Business

Let’s Check Out The Work In Detail

Create Forms Easily: Generally, we hire a coder who writes certain codes and craft a form for a website. It’s quite time consuming too. But with FormGet app, building form is like a playschool game. Anyone can create appealing forms super­easily in a moment. No coding requires.

Just drag and drop the required field in the form and your form is ready in few minutes.

Collect payment via form

FormGet has integrated PayPal gateway with it. So, via your order forms or product sale form you can easily sell products to your customers and instantly collect payment.

Branding Form:

FormGet helps you to promote your business online. You can show your forms with your business related banner images, background templates, logos. Set auto ­responder i.e. email ­notification to send automatic notification to your users on successful form submission.

Styling Form:

FormGet helps you to improve the personality of your form. Come out of your boring forms. You can provide fancy style to your forms and make it attention grabbing in­front of your users. It’s easy to design forms in different colors. You can customize the color of each and every element of your form.

Form Analytics: You can track your form views on weekly and monthly basis. This how, you will acknowledge how many users visit your form and how successful your form is to make conversions.

According, you can check out the performance of your form or take smart decisions to make your form more better.

You can redesign your form as many times until it gives you higher conversions.

Easy Email Campaigning

Email campaigning is an important part to engage and reengage your users. So, to make email campaigning super­ easy, few powerful email campaigning apps have been integrated with it.

These listed Here

  • MadMimi
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Aweber
  • iContact
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Campaign Monitor

So now, you can collect lead contact details via your form and store directly in email campaigning app’s dashboard. From here, you can easily do email campaigning as many times as you want.

Sharing Form Across Network

Make your forms viral in a go. It’s simple. You can share your forms on different networks and get lead details instantly. This how, you can grow your email list as well the reach of your business on a wide scale.

Never Miss Any Prospect/Lead Detail

With FormGet, you can put sliding form widgets on every page of your website. So instead of going here and there, user will land on your contact forms right under there eye and they can easily fire queries or fill out their details via form.

On an overview, you can increase your form conversions 5XX times.


Interact Customer, Solve Their Issues Faster

The application has integrated customer support tool, which allows easy interaction with your customer. The system keeps resolved queries separately from the unresolved ones and when agent answers the query it will automatically move from the unanswered panel to the answered one.

That means, you do not have to worry about your new and old queries mess up. It will be manage automatically in a click.

Delegate Tasks To Agent

Here, the admin can distribute different categories of queries to different agents. That means, you can assign technical queries in a click, to that agent who is intelligent to handle technical queries. Similarly, you can assign sales queries to that agent who is intelligent to handle sales queries.

Increase Conversion, Grow Business

FormGet has various exceptional features that makes your business grow and grow! By making your forms attractive and appealing in front of your users, you can improve the ratio of form conversions. By branding your form and sharing it, you can promote you business. Make your business shout loud in front of your target customers.

By instant interaction, you can speed up your sales process and solve your customer queries as well. By distributing tasks to you team members you are making your sales work easy and clutter-free.

In all, the application helps you unconditionally to diversify your business.


FormGet WordPress Plugin

FormGet application is also available in the contact form WordPress plugin. The plugin is very easy to install on WordPress dashboard. You can perform all the advance functions of FormGet in easy steps.


Uptill now, I was illustrating about the useful features of FormGet. But what’s the most important thing about this application is, it will let you loose anything. You will hell more increase the productivity of your business as never before.

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