Easy Duplicate Finder Review

Duplicate files is something that every computer has. No matter how organized you are, duplicate files start accumulating and get harder to manage as time goes by. That’s why you need a good duplicate file finder.

Easy Duplicate Finder is the program that will help you find and delete duplicates in just a few clicks. With its intuitive design, quick three-step duplicate removal and accurate results, Easy Duplicate Finder makes it very easy to manage duplicate files.


Easy Duplicate Finder has all the tools you need to find and manage duplicate files. The cool thing about this software is that it combines versatility with a very intuitive three-step scanning process and beautiful design. Let’s have a look at Easy Duplicate Finder’s key features and options.

One-Click Duplicate Removal

Easy Duplicate Finder is true to its name because it lets you delete duplicates in one click. All you have to do is add folders you want to check for duplicate files, run a scan and then click on the Remove All Duplicates button. And if you want to check the results, just click on Go Fix Them!

Versatile File Comparison Methods

Easy Duplicate Finder gives you a choice of several search algorithms. Some of them are universal and can be used to find all types of duplicates (like Check sum comparison and Byte-by-Byte comparison), while others are best suited for music (Music Tags Mode) or email messages in Outlook or Mac Mail (Email Comparison). In addition to the choice of scanning algorithms, the program lets you select the file types you want to include in your scan, narrow your search by file format and size, as well as set up file search masks.

Sort Results by File Type

When the scan is finished, you can go and examine the scan results. This is a great way to avoid accidental file removal. The duplicate files are sorted into duplicate groups where one file is the original and the others are duplicates. Each duplicate group is highlighted, so you see all the duplicates at a glance.

If there are too many results, you can make it easier for you to sort through them by clicking on file type icons in the bar above the results. You can show all files, images only, music files, videos, documents and more.

Preview Results

A really useful Easy Duplicate Finder feature is the option for you to preview every single duplicate file before you decide to move or delete it. You can preview photos, videos and audio files as well as documents and PDFs. I find this feature especially handy when deleting duplicate mp3s because you can’t be sure if the song is a duplicate and not a concert version until you actually listen to it.

One-Click Duplicate Management

When you check all the detected duplicates, Easy Duplicate Finder will help you decide what to do with them. The easiest way to manage the duplicate files is to use the tool called Assistant. Just click on it and follow its instructions, and it will help you decide which files to keep (originals, oldest or newest) and what to do with them (move, place in the Bin or delete permanently).

If you don’t want to use the Assistant, click on the Manage Duplicates button on top of the scan results and you’ll have a huge choice of options including deleting the duplicates, renaming them, and moving them to a different folder.

Undo Accidental Deletion

Only too often we delete something and immediately regret it. That’s why Easy Duplicate Finder has an Undo button that lets you restore the files you’ve deleted by accident. Be careful and restore the files before you close the program or navigate away from the scan results because if you do, the files will be deleted and you’ll have to use some sort of file recovery software to restore them.

Ease of Use & User Interface

Easy Duplicate Finder has a very clean and intuitive interface. All you have to do is follow the three-step process and read the tool tips provided by the program. First you add the folders you want to scan by dragging & dropping them to the Include to Scan area. Then you are invited to click on the Start Scan button and watch the progress of the scan on the progress wheel. And finally you will be presented with a short scan summary. You will have a choice whether you want to allow the program to delete the duplicates, or whether you’d like to examine them and select the files you want to delete. You can also go to Settings to configure additional options and super-charge your search for duplicate files.

Easy Duplicate Finder is by far the most powerful and intuitive duplicate finder for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Easy Duplicate Finder comes with a free trial that lets you scan as much as you want and delete up to 10 duplicate files. The full version costs from $39.95 depending on the type of the license.

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