Comindware Project – The Ideal Project Management Solution

There arelots of project manager software products out there. Comindware Project is a relatively new solution that helps you be more organized and focuses on collaboration while keeping you structured andorganized. Comindware Project PM Software facilitates all aspects of those of a successful project completion from the time you create your WBS—identifying your tasks and subtasks—to allocation and management of resources, defining priorities, and viewing tasks pinned to a predictive Gantt chart. However,let us not just discuss its advantages but dive into the product and look into the exact features that facilitate a much more effective project management.

Automated Project Planning:

Through automated priority based planning the project manager is able to change the prioritization of various tasks through a simple drag-and-drop interface while the program will automatically re-calculate the plan. This leaves out the necessity to worry about numeric priorities or manual task linking.

Real Time Project Status:

Comindware Project uses a predictive Gantt chart that automatically reschedules any work that has not been finished or completed. The online Gantt chart provides a clear view of the difference between the estimated and the actual logged time, enabling project managers to actually track task completion progress.


While having exact deadlines, the project managers do not become over-optimistic regarding the project completion dates. Project Visualization: If you decide to plan a complex project, you can rely on the Comindware Project’s Work Breakdown Structure to do the majority of the work for you. The work breakdown structure helps project managers to run projects much more effectively, not only improving accuracy estimation of the project completion time but have an overall better control of project execution.

Maximized Resource Utilization: In Comindware Project you are able to constantly track resource overload as it is highlighted in the project plan. When the same people are assigned to numerous projects, clearly resource conflicts arise. Comindware Project avoids such conflicts in advance through allocating resources to different projects according to the workload information. Team Collaboration: The problem of e-mail inefficiency has been around for years.


Comindware Project attains to keep all the work discussions in the very same place where the work actually gets done. In this solution, you are able to collaborate in the intuitive environment getting rid of unstructured group e-mails. Through creating discussion rooms employees are able converse on specific matters beyond or even across projects. This solution allows to invite colleagues from other departments or even external partners to effectively collaborate in a single community.

The mentioned above features are just a few of the many that make a project managers experience much more fulfilling and the project management process substantially more effective. Off course, there are many more interesting features of this project management solution, such as a built in award’s system utilizing the concept of gamification and a really unique User Experience but this could be a topic for another conversation. Meanwhile we recommend you try the product yourself and leave a comment on what you think.

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