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If you are working in an office, no matter what your profession is, you probably come in contact with PDFs on a very regular basis. And it should be no surprise – the PDF is probably the single most popular digital file format in the business world.

Why is the PDF so popular? Because it is universal. No matter what operating system or device you are using to view a PDF, it will appear the same on all of them. Not only that, it’s also an incredibly compact file format.

This means that you can include a lot of information into a relatively small file size, which makes the PDF perfect for archiving, but also sharing information. The one glaring downside of the format is that it is not really editable. And that’s something that can be very frustrating when working with documents in a fast-paced business setting.

And when you are in such a predicament, the best thing for you to do would be to convert the PDF into an editable file format. And while there are plenty of free online services that can help you do that, most are not really reliable or accurate enough for professional purposes.

The best solution would be to get a professional PDF conversion software, one such as Able2Extract PDF Converter. This powerful and comprehensive software allows users to quickly and accurately convert PDFs into other file formats so that they can start extracting and modifying the data found in the PDF without wasting any time.

Conversion Options

When using Able2Extract, the conversion options that are at your disposal are plentiful. You can convert your PDFs into all of the most popular editable formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher. You can also use it to convert PDFs into HTML, AutoCAD formats, OpenOffice formats, and even image formats such as JPG, PNG and many more.

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So no matter what type of work you do and what type of documents you use the most, Able2Extract should be able to give you the editable file format that you need.

Able2Extract’s most wining feature is its custom Excel conversion. Since converting tabular data tends to be very tricky, these custom features allow you to tweak your output before converting to make sure that your columns and rows look perfect once converted into and Excel file.


Since the PDF is a universal format, it makes sense that a PDF conversion software solution would also be available on all platforms. Able2Extract does just that – it runs on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Batch conversions Another great feature Able2Extract has is its batch conversion option. This comes in very handy when you have many PDFs to convert and you would rather convert them all at once instead of having to perform the conversions one at a time.

This makes the software an even greater time saver and productivity booster. Not only are you getting accurate conversions that you will not have to edit further manually before using the file, but you’ll also be able to perform several conversions with one click.

Professional version If you are dealing with scanned PDFs on a regular basis, Able2Extract comes in a professional version that gives you industry-leading OCR technology as well.

OCR (optical character recognition) technology enables users to convert PDFs that have been created by scanning physical documents. So with the professional version of Able2Extract, you can also convert scanned PDFs. If this software sounds like something that would improve your workflow in the office and save you a lot of time and frustration, you can give download and use free for 7 days.

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