3 things to consider while buying hdd

When it comes to purchasing a hard drive (internal or external), you must consider numerous factors, such as cost of the hard drive, the brand name, drive failure rate, and not to forget; what others have to say about the one that you are going to pay for.

Well, you must think from all these aspects in order to make sure that you are not going to buy something you are not supposed to own, as ultimately you do not have money to throw away like anything. In this post, I am going to resolve the confusion of all the users who are looking for purchasing a brand new hard drive for data backup or a like purpose.

Hard Drives in the Spotlight

Hard drives are the prime sources of data storage in computers, which today are available in massive storage capacities – in Terabytes. The need for such a huge measure of storage capacity belongs to today’s generation that loves to have their personal collections of movies, songs, videos, and other stuff. In contrast, such huge storage capacity hard drives are used primarily for data backup or as a secondary bootable drive to boot the computer.

3 Things to Consider While Buying For Hard Drive

Such high and crucial needs for data storage obviously demand for reliable storage media, which on the other side make you search for it either on the Internet or in your computer market nearby. Let me make this job a bit easier for you.

A look at Top Hard Drive Manufacturers

You cannot term the hard drive installed on your computer ‘the best’ just because you have not come across any issue while using it, as the scenario might not be same for others. In other words, the hard drive must meet some predefined standards to be termed ‘the best’. However, some drives really come out meeting all those standards perfectly, while others fail to meet the required criteria. The top three drives that touched those standards are Seagate, Hitachi, and Western Digital (generally known as WD). However, it is still not clear which one you should buy and why.

When you already have a drive, you obviously do not want to get the same drive again. This actually is a good and versatile though that makes you experience different scenarios coming across occasionally. Moreover, you must look for a drive that is least expensive and with a reliable brand name. Generally, the hard drives with reliable brand names are expensive and you choose the one that is in your budget, thereby sacrificing the reliability factor. However, I suggest going through the complete detail about the hard drive before you get ready to buy it.

Things to Eye while Buying a Hard Drive

As mentioned earlier, it does not matter whether you are going to buy an internal drive or an external drive. Things that matter are the brand name and the reliability of the particular product you are going to buy. Besides, many other factors that you must take care of while purchasing the hard drive include the failure rate, the data read/write speed that is a measure of the overall performance, and high robustness that makes you believe it will not break, if falls.

#1 The Failure Rate

The failure rate of a hard drive refers to the number of hard drives failing per year, which in fact reports the average number of hard drives leading to failure irrespective to the causes behind the failure. This is because the hard drive is failing ultimately.

Well, based on the statistics that I have come across, I put the brand Seagate at the top in the list of hard drives leading to failure every year. However, Western Digital hard drives I put at the second spot, while Hitachi is at the third. This statistical study makes us believe that no matter if the data read/write speed of the hard drive is great; it might have a shorter lifetime as compared to the one that you did not mention in the list of top hard drives.

In case the hard drive fails and causes data loss unexpectedly, you must stop using the hard drive and use hard drive data recovery software to recover lost data intact. However, make sure the recovery tool is reliable and efficient for the task. You can explore the list of Hard Drive Recovery Software that might works well in regaining your lost data from the logically failed hard drives.

#2 The Brand Name

The brand name of the product matters a lot when so many competitors are there in the market selling similar products. The same theory is applicable for the hard drives and it often becomes very difficult for end-users to buy one when multiple options are available right in front of them. In such a situation, the primary factor that one can rely upon is the brand name (or the seller’s name). For example, one can undoubtedly buy a product that is well known, but not the one that is new in the market. In such a case, there is no guarantee of the reliability of the new product, while the well-known manufacturer obviously provides better products and services.

#3 The Price Tag

The price of the hard drive is a big matter that you must look upon. You might get so many hard drives marketed by different manufacturers, but the decision of choosing one amongst them is all the way yours and must be taken wisely. Therefore, you should go for the one that is in your budget and you can easily pay for.

Well, I really hope this post is helpful for you while purchasing a hard drive and you will choose the right brand of hard drive out of many.

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